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Annual KFAN Furnace Giveaway Winner

Amana Furnace Winner

KFAN personality Common Man happily presented this years Amana Furnace Giveaway Winner with a brand new, high-efficiency furnace. Pete and daughter Fern were thrilled to receive this prize during one chilly week in St. Paul, MN. Aquarius employee, Mick, installed the furnace lickety-split. Congratulations, Pete! We are so happy to provide the families of the … Read more

Top 4 Furnace Problems You are Likely to Encounter this Winter

Furnace Flames

https://youtu.be/jsqIrXvtfpkThe winter season in North America is almost here, and you are probably thinking about your furnace. It is crucial to check the condition of appliances that help maintain warmth in your home. As practical as it is, a furnace may encounter hiccups that hinder it from functioning well during the cold season. However, the … Read more

Will Your Furnace Make It Through the Winter: 7 Signs It May be Time for a New One

Photo of HVAC worker

Even though a furnace will diligently serve you for over 15 years, monitoring its functionality is essential. Faulty or old furnaces are inefficient, costly, and prone to breakdowns, especially when needed most. Fortunately, the best HVAC systems experts can help inspect, repair, or replace your furnace. On that note, let us explore telltale signs that … Read more

Critical Reasons for a Furnace Tune-up

You might take a few things for granted in our modern world of wonders. Twist a sink handle and clean, safe water flows forth. Flick a switch and the room lights up, no flame needed. Arrive home on a cold day and step into a warm…wait – it is freezing in here. You need to … Read more

8 Snowstorm Safety Tips for Your HVAC

Suburban Colonial Home During Extreme Blizzard Snowstorm

Living in a colder climate almost always comes with the risk of snowstorms. If you have an HVAC unit in your home, you want to ensure that a snowstorm doesn’t cause serious damage to your system or interfere with your heating in any way. To avoid the worst problems, you must prepare your heating system … Read more

Heating for the Winter – Inspecting and Caring for Your HVAC System

Cold couple wearing jackets on couch

Modern HVAC equipment is well-made and designed to withstand seasonal stresses. However, even the best systems become less efficient over time, and the older units get, the greater the chances of a breakdown. HVAC system failures are always inconvenient, but they can also be dangerous when heating equipment malfunctions in the winter. Homeowners can help … Read more