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5-Star Furnace Tune Up

Simply the best, most comprehensive furnace maintenance program available. No body beats the Aquarius furnace tune up.

$100 OFF

5-Star Furnace Tune-Up

No Breakdown Guarantee. Regular $225. NOW ONLY $125

12-Month Furnace Breakdown Guarantee

If your furnace fails within 12 months of the tune-up, we will come back to your home with no diagnostic fee and repair the furnace.

*****No Break Down Guarantee- If your furnace fails within 12 months of tune-up we will come out with no diagnostic fee and repair the furnace. Along with no diagnostic there will be a 5% discount on any repairs that are needed.*****

Note:  Tune-ups apply to WORKING AC and/or Furnace only (otherwise considered a repair call). Guarantee only applies to equipment tune-up had been completed on.  Any repairs needed/determined during tune-up will be at additional charge (parts/labor).

Preventive Maintenance Plan for your Heating System

Annual maintenance is key for your HVAC system to operate at maximum energy efficiency and lowering energy bills.

A heating system has to work harder and will cost more to operate during the peak season. That is why routine maintenance is critical to keep your furnace running efficiently.

If you have an older furnace, keeping energy costs down with a tune up from a qualified HVAC technician is crucial.

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Increase Comfort

Save Money & Energy

Prevent Breakdowns

Increase Lifespan

What's Included In Our Furnace Tune Ups?

Our annual maintenance visits are a comprehensive inspection and testing of system components on a natural gas forced air furnace. When we enter your furnace room, we will check the following items.

Furnace Tune Up Checklist

  • Check Thermostat Operation and Change Batteries if Needed

  • Check For Any Gas leaks

  • Check Inlet Gas Pressure for Proper Readings

  • Check Outlet Gas Pressure for Proper Readings and Adjust if Needed

  • Check Flame Sensor for Proper Micro-Amps and Clean if Needed

  • Test Resistance and Visually Inspect Ignitor

  • Test AMP Draw on Inducer Motor and Verify Proper Operation

  • Visually Inspect Burner Assembly and Clean if Needed

  • Complete Combustion Test on Furnace to Insure Safe Operation

  • Camera Inspection of Heat Exchanger

  • Remove and Clean Condensate Trap on Furnace

  • Inspect Furnace Filter

  • Inspect all Condensate Drain Lines (Humidifier and Air Conditioners)

  • Check Blower Motor Capacitor for Proper mFD

  • Check Blower Motor for Proper AMP Draw

  • Check for Proper Airflow

  • Inspect Blower Assembly Wheel

  • Visual Inspection of Evaporator Coil for Air Conditioner

  • Visual Inspection of Venting

  • Visual Inspection of Circuit Board for any Burn Marks and Test for Voltage Drop

  • Perform Static Pressure Test on Duct Work for Airflow

  • Test Temperature Split between Return Air and Supply Air per Manufacturers Specs

  • Visual Inspection of all Electrical Components and Electrical Connections

Avoid Costly Repairs with Annual Inspections

We service and install all heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and furnace systems in your home. If you search furnace tune up near me you will likely find our special.

Air conditioner repair is an important service this time of year; we repair all makes and models. We also service and repair all types of furnaces.

Our technicians are trained and certified in heating and A/C repair technology, and in customer service.

Furnace technician performing a furnace tune up in a residential basement
Furnace Inspection from a Local HVAC Technician

Book Your Tune Up

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Furnace Safety Check

With a natural gas furnace tune up is important to ensure that carbon monoxide does not leak from the heating system and into your home. Schedule the Aquarius 5 star tune up and a qualified HVAC technician check safety switches and safety controls on your HVAC system.

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FAQs about Furnace Tune Ups

How much does a tune up on a furnace cost?

Most people who search for a furnace tune up specials near me are looking for a good deal on a tune up.

A lower end job can cost $29-$99 depending on your location and system. However these typically are not thorough tune ups and usually do not have a system guarantee. Aquarius does have 5 star tuning coupons for maintenance.

What does a furnace tune up consist of?

Inspection of the total heating system components and cleaning are typically included in a furnace check up. A superior heating tune up will look at electrical components, blower assembly, venting, air filter, ducting, burner adjustment or cleaning and looking for cracks in the heat exchanger.

Are furnace tune ups worth it?

Annual inspections of heating systems are necessary to maintain furnace efficiency and safety from carbon monoxide. It is a small amount to pay to ensure your homes indoor air quality and that you wont require furnace service in the future.

How often should you get your furnace tune up?

Annual maintenance is key, especially in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Every year since 2020, we have seen a crunch on energy resources which has driven up the cost of natural gas. Simply changing the air filter is not enough to ensure your heating and air conditioning systems are operating with peak efficiency and air flow.

What is the difference between a furnace tune up and a furnace repair?

A furnace tune up is a performance evaluation of a heating system. At Aquarius, we use a 21+ point tune up checklist. A furnace repair is needed when the system stops working, is producing an unusual noise or not producing warm air.

Will you work on heat pump?

We do offer service on heat pumps and heat pump replacements.

Do you offer a boiler tune up?

Yes, our tune up offer applies to boilers as well. Ongoing maintenance is critical for boiler systems to ensure reliable operation and prevent boiler repairs

What is a red tag on a furnace mean?

If your furnace was red tagged by an HVAC company it means that they deemed the system unsafe to operate, possibly because the risk of carbon monoxide or a gas leak.. You can call Aquarius if your furnace has been red tagged and we will offer a free inspection and second opinion.

Do you offer an air conditioning tune up?

Yes Aquarius can offer a maintenance for your AC too. During the furnace tune up, we will inspect some of the shared HVAC components. In the early spring time we recommend a full AC system check. Ask about our AC check up specials.

Do you repair and tune up furnaces in St. Paul?

Our main office is located just a few minutes from St. Paul and we offer full furnace repair services. Warm air is important in your home during the cold Twin Cities winter.

Do you offer annual maintenance plans?

Yes, Aquarius has comprehensive annual HVAC maintenance plans. Our Partner Plans offer automatic scheduling and help save money on your furnace and air conditioner tune ups. We can also help with ordering air filters. 

Schedule a Furnace Tune Up From Aquarius

Keep the heat on this winter and avoid a furnace repair call on the coldest day of the year.

Our Furnace Tune Up Reviews

Mary Keefe
Mary Keefe
00:35 02 Feb 23
As always, Anthony did an excellent job. Always available to answers my questions and does a excellent job explaining what service is being done in my furnace.
Mitchell Potter
Mitchell Potter
16:13 31 Jan 23
David Boggie was the technician that came out to save the day for me when my furnace went out in -20 degree weather. The company was very responsive and I cannot recommend David enough. He is knowledgeable, professional, and overall a pleasure to work with. I will absolutely be working with Aquarius and especially David in the future
Mitchell Potter
Mitchell Potter
16:12 31 Jan 23
David Boggie was the technician that came out to save the day for me when my furnace went out in -20 degree weather. The company was very responsive and I cannot recommend David enough. He is knowledgeable, professional, and overall a pleasure to work with. I will absolutely be working with Aquarius and especially David in the future
Mike August
Mike August
14:38 23 Jan 23
HVAC INSPECTION & Repair… January 2023: Mike L. & Nic inspected and did some repairs on my home and garage furnaces. Mike noticed a couple of things on my home furnace that clearly have been missed by 2 prior inspections I had done by other companies over the past 5 years since I purchased the home. He and Nic were able to re mount the blower motor properly and correct the position and orientation of the gas regulator in the same visit.They were also able to adjust the gas pressure on a newer furnace I had installed in my workshop garage. Great work, fair on site quotation.Plumbing :2 of 2 Chris found a laundry tub drain leak while doing the prior work. It was a fracture in some old PVC drain piping that was NOT supported well. I could see that some of the run was not installed properly, nor to code. I had him quote the repair plus improvements to add shutoff valves, proper washer drain sump to code as well as replace the laundry faucet, proper burst protection hoses and add in a 2nd household RO drinking water faucet to the laundry tub/sink. Once again, the work was completed with care and professionalism. Thank you Chris & Aquarius.1 of 2 Services. I had Aquarius, Chris L. Repair and replace worn exterior faucets, add an exterior mix valve faucet and a spin filter to my well water system. Chris is a pro. He knows his stuff! I’m very pleased with his work. Aquarius is not the least expensive service. However, I started with 2 more local plumbing companies and they were no shows. Aquarius bid the work, and did the work, and did it well.
Sarah Barsness
Sarah Barsness
20:37 17 Jan 23
Our furnace stopped working over a holiday weekend. In Minnesota. In January. The Aquarius folks called us back right away to get us an appointment and even saved us money by helping us get a non-emergency repair visit instead of a more expensive emergency repair. Turned out our 20-year-old furnace was pretty near the end of its service life (no surprise there), but the repair and sales folks we talked to were very open and responsive to balancing issues of cost, safety, and getting us warm ASAP. Jimmy in repairs showed me pictures of the old furnace and what was wrong, and was very upfront about what different repairs would cost and how long they were likely to last. We decided to replace instead of repair, so Kurt in sales came to our house and helped us choose a replacement; he didn't do any high pressure sales pitches, just talked us through our options and gave us the info and tools to make informed decisions. Financing was easy, and they help with discounts and rebates. The awesome lady in the office (I didn't catch her name) offered us a space heater to make sure we stayed warm. Kou and the install team that came to the house were great -- they laid down rugs and drop cloths to protect our floors, and even shoveled out the snow around our AC to install the new one! At every step of the way, everyone was friendly and knowledgeable, and made sure that we knew what was going on and what to expect next. It was our first time using Aquarius, but it definitely won't be our last!
tim regan
tim regan
17:33 17 Jan 23
Did good job. Also provided info for future furnace purchase which I was curious about.
Kurt Hadley
Kurt Hadley
14:03 14 Jan 23
Awesome Brandon took extra time examine another concern about the furnace we had. He diagnosed it and fixed it for us at no extra charge.
Cory Trautman
Cory Trautman
15:36 10 Jan 23
Great services, in and out, love the texts reminders, answered all my questions and explained everything very well. Showed pictures of furnace findings to better understand issues. Very friendly.
Katie Hallstrom
Katie Hallstrom
14:43 29 Dec 22
Friendly, professional service provided! Came for our furnace maintenance and also helped with a Wi-Fi issue with my thermostat. Went above and beyond to help us out. Thank you Cory!!
Adam Goeritz
Adam Goeritz
22:48 06 Nov 22
The new furnace is awesome!!

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