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Mark P.
Mark P.
Karen H.
Karen H.
Annual furnace tune-ups performed by Brandon and Nicholas exceeded my expectations - very professional, accommodating and thorough, always take time to debrief and provide tips. Thank you for taking care of our home.
Steven N.
Steven N.
Nathan was personable and knowledgeable. Thank you.
Susan T.
Susan T.
travis F.
travis F.
Brian B.
Brian B.
Nick was thorough, professional and eager to help. Did a great job!
Suzy R.
Suzy R.
Fantastic customer service, had an issue on a weekend where my furnace stopped functioning. I called Aquarius,, they were clear on limited risks and gave me a recommendation on what I could do (and how much I would save) by having a Monday appointment. I was also lucky the weather was warm. Mike came and checked my furnace and shared with me options, showed me pictures and a video and walked me through options to fix. He did not push me into any decisions, just presented options and asked my preference. I ended up deciding to get a new HVAC as the prior owners had not updated when an addition was put on the house.I had Aquarius and a few others bid on the job. Dan came over, asked questions, showed me what the new system would look like and helped me to understand my options good, better and best. I had a bid in less than 30 minutes and had 2 additional companies bid on similar systems. Aquarius was slightly more expensive, but the service and comfort I felt with them was worth the extra price and they included more options for me. Dan was available for calls, including one with my dad, who knows a lot more about HVAC than I do, to help ensure that I was comfortable with the work being done. My dad said 'these guys are going to do a great job' and I was able to schedule them to come in the next day for an install!Mick installed the Furnace and Jeff installed the AC, they were on time, helpful and did great work. The new system is game changing, I didn't realize how bad my heat disbursed previously. I left them alone for the day to do their work and the look of the new system was awesome.Lastly, when I arrived home Travis was here to walk me through the system and talk next steps, assuring me that they took care of submitting for all the rebates and registered the products on my behalf. He walked me through the set up, maintenance and recommendations for how to use effectively. He stayed to answer all my questions and sent me pictures of all the work that was done. The next morning Sarah emailed me with all the rebate info and shared with me what to expectI had one minor hiccup with a gas fireplace not working post install, I called them and they came out the next day to fix it. And the issue was that the pilot light went out. Jeff came out and fixed in 2 minutes, had I looked harder he probably didn't need to come out at all.Very glad I used this group and would call them in the future for any needs.
Jenna W.
Jenna W.
My family and I are extremely happy and thankful to have Aquarius service our home filtration and plumbing needs. Their customer service is top tier and technicians are extremely kind, professional, and knowledgeable. Huge shoutout to Cory H. for being the best and answering all my questions. Couldn’t recommend this company more!! Thank you so much, Aquarius!
William R.
William R.
Alec was courteous, quick, and efficient when performing routine cleaning / inspection on my furnace. Thanks man! Great guy.
Nick F.
Nick F.
My family and I use Aquarius for just about everything. We had our furnace, ac and water heater all installed and maintained by them. We also had our water filtration installed and maintained by them and most recently we had Bill and AJ out to install some puc lights and rewire/install our bathrooms light fixtures. They were friendly, courteous, professional, efficient and quick. Their swiftness ended up reducing the total cost of our project and was greatly appreciated. Highly recommend Bill, AJ and the whole Aquarius team. They continue to impress us and have earned our trust and continued business.02/21/24 update - had another great service visit. Nick S. Was our HVAC technician and was pleasant, friendly, prompt and efficient. On top of his other duties he was able to recommend a potential upgrade for our system and assisted with several other questions we had. As usual I highly recommend.
Jay M.
Jay M.
Fast, friendly, and thorough.
Peggy H.
Peggy H.
Terry N.
Terry N.
Cory was great! Also checked pressure on my RO system. Very professional, always impressed with technicians and proactive communications.
Fred J.
Fred J.

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Sump pump Installation

No one wants a dark, musty basement. Yet, water can get inside, causing damage to the home and leading to the growth of mold or mildew. One of the ways to protect the most basements and the home is with a sump pump. Whether one needs to be installed or the existing one isn’t working right, turn to the pros to get the job done. Our team can help with installation and repair, ensuring you have the right sump pump for the basement floor and that it works when needed to keep the area dry. You do not want a sump pump to fail!

A old sump pump to be replaced by a new sump pump installation
Replace an outdated sump pump

Why Aquarius For Sump Pump Installation?

  • Free replacement estimates.
  • Aquarius offers the best equipment in the industry backed by great warranties.
  • 100% money back performance guarantee on sump pump installation.
  • Expert plumbers trained in sump pump installation and options.
  • Water alert detection and wifi alerts when problems arise.
  • Aquarius respects your home. Plumbing is a dirty job but Aquarius will not leave a mess behind in your house.

Sump Pump Repairs & Maintenance

Aquarius is the go to provider for sump pump repairs and annual sump pump maintenance.

Sump Pump Repairs

  • Replace floats.
  • Diagnose float switch.
  • Replace broken or cracked discharge lines.
  • Replace battery backup.
  • Fix water flow issues.
Sump pump in need of Replacement in a Minneapolis basement

Sump Pump Maintenance

  • Total sump pump inspection.
  • Float inspection.
  • Checking baskets for debris.
  • Inspect pump basin.
  • Pump plug inspection.
  • Health of batter backup.
  • Checking hose clamps.
  • Inspecting water discharge piping.
  • Check valve inspection.
  • Checking outdoor ground discharge.
  • Insuring the age of the pump is acceptable.

How much does it cost to fix a sump pump?

Typical labor costs for repair range from $200 to $400. The final cost may vary depending on parts needed. Does it make sense to replace the sump pump? Based on the installation cost, it might. Aquarius can tell you your best options based on the conditions of your unit.

Signs Repair May Be Needed

Homeowners who already have a sump pump will want to make sure it’s always in working condition. Proper maintenance and timely repairs can prevent major issues. Some of the signs that repair may be needed include these.

Sump Pump Burnout

If the sump pump doesn’t turn on when it’s needed, it’s likely burnt out and will need to be replaced. Burnout can occur when the sump pump is not sufficient for the amount of water or due to disrepair.

Power Outages

Is the power flickering or going out every time the sump pump comes on? If it’s causing the power to fluctuate or turn off, it may not be receiving enough power. This could mean upgrading the electrical panel or checking for frayed or damaged wiring.

Backed Up

If the sump pump is backed up and not moving water the way it should, it could be a sign that the intake is clogged. A professional repair will get it working again in no time.

Not Flowing Fast Enough

If water isn’t being removed from the basement fast enough, it’s a sign that the sump pump just can’t keep up with the work. This may be because the sump pump isn’t big enough for the amount of water it needs to move. A replacement may be needed.

Clogged or Frozen Line

Sump pumps can suffer from clogged or frozen discharge lines. If the sump pump is on and operating, but no water is coming out, the discharge pipe may need to be cleaned out.

Humming sounds from a Sump pump

If your sump pump is making unusual or loud noises.

Need Sump Pump Installation or Replacement?

If there isn’t a sump pump in the basement, now’s the perfect time to have one installed. If there is one but it doesn’t work properly or isn’t sufficient for the home, a replacement may be a good idea. Our experts can handle both new installations and replacements using the following steps.

Remove the Old Sump Pump

If there is an existing sump pump, it will need to be removed so a new one can be installed. This should be done by our experts to make sure the removal and disposal are handled correctly.

Install or Clean Sump Pit

The existing sump pump pit will be cleaned out completely. If there isn’t a sump pump already, a new pit will need to be installed in the concrete.

Selecting a New Sump Pump

The selection of a new pump is important, as the wrong size may waste energy or not remove water fast enough. Our experts can help with selecting the right one for a home.

Aquarius offers powerful, reliable pumps that are superior to the sump pumps you will find in a home center. Based on your needs we can offer 1/3 hp or 1/2 hp sump pumps. Our preferred brand is the Pro Series from Glentronics.

Pro Series Sump Pump

Install and Connect the Sump Pump

The new sump pump will need to be installed and connected to the plumbing and electrical in the home. This needs to be done correctly to make sure it works properly.

Install Battery Backup

Battery backups allow peace of mind that your sump pump will continue to run during a power outage. If you lose power during a powerful storm, your sump pump can continue to work sending water out of the sump basin.

Discharge Piping

The discharge pipe allow the water to escape via the drain line outdoors. Aquarius will ensure that the water drains to the appropriate place on the ground outside. You will want to ensure that the water drains correctly away from the house and prevent water pooling in an undesirable area near the foundation wall.

Sump pump draining into the a yard in the springtime

Testing and Instructions

Before we leave, our experts will test the sump pump to make sure it works as expected and show you how to operate it. This way, you know how it works before it’s needed.

Options to Consider

Sump pumps come in two main options: pedestal pumps or submersible sump pump.

Pedestal Sump Pump Installation

Pedestal pumps are above the pit, so they’re easily accessible if needed. Pedestal sump pumps are easier to service but are going to be visible in the room. These aren’t always as effective, since they do sit above the waterline. In Minnesota, we typically do not recommend this as a solution.

Submersible Sump Pump Installation

Submersible sump pumps sit in the basin and are under water, making them more effective at removing water. Though they may be more difficult to service, submersible pumps are not visible. This means they won’t detract from the overall look of a finished basement or get in the way at all.

Sump Pump Horsepower

When the rainy season hits and the municipal storm drain overflows, water flows can cause basement flooding. With a high horsepower sump pump you can keep up with flooding issues. Aquarius offers 1/3 and 1/2 hp sump pumps.

Sump Pump Installation Cost

Professional sump pump installation costs typically start at around $700. The final costs depends on a variety of factors in the home and if you need a battery backup pump system. New installation of a primary pump is a wise investment.

Benefits of a Sump Pump

Sump pumps provide numerous benefits for homeowners beyond just removing any water in the basement. Some of the benefits include the following.

Protect Home From Water Damage

When water gets inside and isn’t removed, it can cause damage to the home. If the basement is finished, this could lead to damaged concrete flooring, drywall, and more from standing water. It can also get into outlets and cause electrical issues.

Control Humidity in the Basement

Humidity is a concern when water can get into the basement. Removing the water via a sump pump helps to control the humidity, preventing the musty smell that’s common in basements.

Prevent Mold or Mildew Growth

When water floods the basement, even after it’s removed, there’s the potential for mold or mildew to grow. This can lead to health issues for those living in the home as well as further damage. A sump pump helps remove all of the water quickly, preventing mold or mildew growth.

Prevents Rust or Corrosion

Any metal appliances or storage shelves that end up sitting in water will start to rust or corrode. By moving the water out of the basement with a sump pump, the amount of water on these items is minimized, preventing significant damage to your house.


Can I install a sump pump myself?

Yes, you can try installing a sump pump. But should you? A professional from Aquarius can make sure you get a quality unit that is installed correctly. And Aquarius can offer wifi alerts and water alarms for extra insurance.

Is it difficult to install a sump pump?

You can buy a sump pump from a home center and install it if you are mechanically inclined. However, you wont get a unit that lasts and Aquarius can offer a performance guarantee. Installing a sump pump is best left to a pro.

Do plumbers install sump pumps?

Plumbers are best suited for installing a sump pump in your basin. Aquarius plumbers are ready to install a pump solution to protect your concrete floor.

Schedule a Sump Pump Repair or Sump Pump Replacement Today

Basements are known for suffering from water damage, mold growth, and more. But, they don’t have to be this way and you don’t have to avoid the basement because it’s dark and musty. A wet basement is not good for your foundation.

Whether you have a finished basement, concrete floor or you just want to be able to use it for storage without worry, installing a sump pump and keeping it in working condition is crucial.

Our team can help install sump pumps, so you never have to worry about the water getting in the basement again and keeping the concrete and basement walls dry from ground water. Call us today to discuss your options or schedule a repair or replacement.