Ductless Heating and Cooling Services in Minnesota & Wisconsin

Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless Mini-Split Systems Installation & Repair Services

Ductless heating and cooling systems offer a range of benefits for Minnesota homeowners. These HVAC systems do not require ducting, unlike central air or forced air furnaces. The system is composed of an exterior heat pump unit, connected to one or more interior air handling units.

The heat pumps cold air in the summer and hot air in the winter. Each air handler on the interior of the home operates independently of others, allowing for true zoned heating and cooling. 

With no ductwork requirements, a ductless mini-split system is perfect for older homes with no duct work, cabins or even new homes when paired with supplemental heat like a in-floor heating system.

Since there are no ducts, there are no risks of losing energy to leaks. These systems can also save up to 30% in heating and cooling costs.

How to Choose Ductless for Your Home

What to know about going ductless

Before we get started, a ductless systems is the same thing as mini-split. The terms are often used inter-changeable. We prefer to call them ductless systems.

Customize Your Comfort

From the installation process down to the precise level of heating and cooling control, ductless systems are custom-fit for your home and cabin.
Aquarius Home Services has helped homeowners all over Minnesota go ductless and we can help you to!

Going Ductless Has its Advantages

There are almost as many things that make ductless unique as there are ways ductless can save you money. Also, because our ductless systems feature an advanced filtration system, you can be comfortable knowing the air you and your family are breathing is clean and healthy.

We couldn’t talk about ductless advantages, however without mentioning energy efficient. Ductless solutions are flexible enough to be installed almost anywhere and are efficient enough to make it a cost effective solution.

Ideal for Single Room and Other Applications

Sometimes a single zone is all you need:

Attics & Basements
Inevitably, your attic & basement will be too warm or cool.

Additions and Renovations
An extension of your existing HVAC system.

Why not enjoy, what may be, the nicest room in the house all year long?

Make your storage and workspace comfortable year round.

How Do Ductless Mini-Splits Work

Single or multi-zone systems. Heating and cooling or just cooling. Whatever your needs, wherever your space, however you use it, our choice of Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems offer customizable solutions that are efficient and quiet.

Here’s How Ductless Works

Ductless splits, also called “Mini-Splits” pump cooled or heated refrigerant directly to the wall or ceiling-mounted air-handling unit.

Here’s how the system works in a single room application:

The indoor unit uses refrigerant to cool or heat air and quietly pushes the chilled air it where you need it in your living space.

Refrigerant and electrical lines connect the outdoor unit to the indoor unit through a 3″ opening in the exterior wall.

The outdoor unit’s state-of-the-art heat pump cools or warms refrigerant and sends it back inside to the air handler, which continuously monitors the room for changes in temperature and sends conditioned air to the areas of the room that need it.

Or if you’re using ductless as a whole home solution, up to 8 indoor units can be installed using the same outdoor unit.