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EV Charger Installers in Minnesota

An EV charging station is a plug-in outlet that allows you to charge your electric vehicle, just like any device. As an electric car owner, one of your biggest concerns is running out of charge in the middle of the road.

Conveniently placed charging stations eliminate the “charge anxiety” for a stress-free driving experience. If you’re planning to set up an EV charger at home, Aquarius Home Services has the right solutions. Our top-rated EV charging installers can set you up safely and conveniently, with premium guarantees on the quality of work and protecting your home and electric vehicle.

Electric Vehicle charging at home

Residential EV Charger Installers

It is time you had an EV charging station at home. Because sometimes it takes longer to charge your car, installing a unit at home frees up your time because you can do a full charge overnight, so it’s ready to handle your busy day. 

Our EV Charging Installers

  •  We will assess your electrical wiring system to determine if it can handle the power output for an electric car charging station.
  •  We can share a list of quality models from electrical vehicle charging manufacturers, and once you choose, we will install it at the safest and most convenient point in your home.
  •   You will be working with a great company with a great reputation for providing electrical services in a timely manner.

Types of Residential EV Charging Stations

Here’s what you need to know about the different types of residential EV chargers for electric vehicle charging:

Level-1 Chargers

Many vehicles are usually supplied with a level-1 charging system on purchase. It uses a 120-volt charging cord to deliver about 1.4kW to the car. The chargers are slightly underpowered and is only feasible with smaller battery packs and slow charging at home.

Level-2 Chargers

Level-2 chargers can operate twice as fast as level-1 chargers. They are similar to the standard-issue charger, but they carry a 208-240 volt rating and deliver about 6.2-7.6kW to the car. Our installers recommend upgrading to a level-2 charger for fast and reliable charging.

Electric Vehicle charging


Benefits of Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station at Home

EV charging stations at home allow you to charge your electric vehicle in a safe, reliable, and convenient environment. An EV charging unit allows you to get more done in a day’s work by saving time that would have been wasted at the curbside charging station. Besides, you won’t need countless mobile apps to locate the next public charging station. Simply plug in when you get home.

Minnesota offers discounted electricity rates for residential EV charging during off-peak hours. You can grab this opportunity and save on energy costs by charging your electric car during these hours. Additionally, you can save up to $500 in rebates thanks to Minnesota electric vehicle incentives.

You can talk to Aquarius Home Services if you need help deciding on the perfect EV charging station for your residence. Our expertly trained installers will ensure that the job is done safely and you have a fully reliable charging station without overloading your electrical panel.

Where Will Your Home EV Charger Be Installed?

EV chargers at home usually work best if you have a dedicated parking spot away from the street. A garage would be convenient because it’s closer to the mains and allows overnight charging.

The walls near your driveway can be a perfect spot, especially if it’s not the busiest section of your home. If you don’t have any of these options, you can check with the city council if it’s possible to install one by the street.

Why Choose Us?

Aquarius Home Services is a trusted electrical installation company with six locations in Minnesota. Besides having a reliable EV charger installer, you’ll be getting expert electricians who can rewire an entire home to the highest electrical performance and safety standards. We can accommodate different customer needs, and we are the clear choice in Minnesota for electric vehicle charging station installation.

Vehicle Charging Installations Starting at $935

Aquarius Home Services is a premier EV charger installer in Minnesota. Our expertise includes supplying EV charging equipment and installing it according to code in all types of residences Contact us to explore your options and grab our installation offer.


Why Do You Recommend a Level 2 Charger?

A level 2 charger can get you more than 30 miles of driving from one hour of charging, while the level 1 option can only do about 4 miles. A full charge can be done within 3-8 hours, unlike level 1, where you might have to do it overnight. However, the time taken for a full charge may depend on charging specifications from the vehicle manufacturer.

What Are the Costs Associated With EV Charger Installation?

Aquarius Home Services uses different considerations to determine how much it will cost to install an EV charging station on your property. Equipment purchase is usually the biggest expense item, and the costs may vary depending on the charging station you choose. A level 1 charger cost is usually cheaper than a level 2 charger.

We will also have to account for labor costs and any infrastructural changes that might need to be done. The amount of labor is typically dependent on how close or easy it is to run a cable from the electrical panel from the garage.

Does Adding an EV Charger Increase Home Value?

Your home can be more appealing to buyers who prioritize green energy and probably own an EV. According to real estate experts, your home listing can sell for up to 1.5 times higher if your community has many electric vehicle owners. So as far as a house project goes, it can be financially positive to homeowners.

What Are the Fuel Cost Savings From Electric Vehicles?

According to the Department of Energy, you will spend half of what you do on gasoline when you drive an electric vehicle. You can find cost estimations on the department’s eGallon calculator.

How Often Should I Charge My Vehicle?

The number of miles between charges depends on the make and model of the vehicle. Fully electric cars may run for 40-300 miles when fully charged. A lot will also depend on the driving terrain, your driving style, and vehicle loads.