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Peggy B.
Peggy B.
Aquarius kept me up to date with expected time of arrival. The plumber, Adam, was patient, kind, and helpful. He offered suggestions, but was not pushy, which I really appreciate.
Ricky R.
Ricky R.
Had some plumbing valves replaced. As usual great service.
Keri C.
Keri C.
Very professional and kind service.
Jon R.
Jon R.
Excellent service. Thorough and very professional
Sarah H.
Sarah H.
Dave did a great job diagnosing and fixing our outlet and light switch issues.
Jared K.
Jared K.
Betty P.
Betty P.
Every person from Becky on the phone to the installers were excellent. I feel like they were all the best of the best. I appreciate very much the total clean up too. I'll be sure to use your other services too without hesitation.APRIL 12, 2024Brandon put much time into a thorough check-up of the AC. He taught me how to hose out dirt. Personally, I like him for his friendliness and the fact he is so caring of his Grandma. All and all I have much confidence and trust in the services of Aquarius.
Sara M.
Sara M.
The technician, Riley, was courtesy and well informed. The office staff was great to work with in scheduling and reaching out the day of the appointment.
Joe K
Joe K
Mick, Chris, Paul and the rest of the crew were great - personable, professional, and communicative. They took the time to explain what they were doing as they installed our new heat pump, answered questions, and clearly cared about doing the best job possible. And Aquarius handled the rebate process with Xcel.
John M
John M
We had an old water heater that started leaking and knew it needed to be replaced sooner than later. We decided to call Aquarius since they've done work for our neighbors and have a good reputation. Shortly after calling Chris came out, did a thorough review of the situation, and provided several replacement options to consider based on our needs. He was very transparent, explained everything clearly, and answered all of our questions. Within a few hours of the original call Chris had a new water heater installed at a reasonable price and we were very relieved that it was done so quickly and professionally. The service and quality of work definitely exceeded our expectations and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chris and Aquarius.
Paul G.
Paul G.
Nick was very professional very friendly, and just a nice guy and ver knowledgeable
Lyle H.
Lyle H.
Your scheduling has been terrible , you have rescheduled us 3 times in the last 3 request s for service. We may have to look for another provider in the future!
Connie T.
Connie T.
Nick conducted the annual air conditioning service. He was extremely thorough and explained things so I truly understood what he was doing. And the big plus...he was kind, courteous and thoughtful. Thank you Aquarius!!
Jon S.
Jon S.
Excellent job of replacing all smoke detectors.
Andrew B.
Andrew B.
Great service, communication, and the technician erik was very knowledgeable and did a great job providing options and in the final work!

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Electrical Appliance Self-Diagnosis Check List

Having an issue with a household appliance? We’ve compiled a check list you can use to self-diagnose what the problem could be. Download this list before you call a professional.

Electrical Repair in Minnesota & Wisconsin

Aquarius Home Services is a trusted name in Minnesota & Wisconsin, providing residents with affordable and reliable electrical repair solutions. Here are some of the services offered in the region:

electrical-repaelectrician installing sockets using a screwdriver
Professional electrician installing sockets

Service Panel Repair

The electrical panel controls nearly every powered device in your home, and any failure means you won’t be able to use your appliances. The service panel can go bad for many reasons, like a broken circuit breaker or loose wiring. Our qualified electricians will inspect the electrical panel and get it repaired as soon as possible, so you can enjoy a safe and uninterrupted electric supply.

Intermittent Power

If your home is the only one in the neighborhood experiencing frequent power outages, the chances are that you’re dealing with a severe electrical fault. Intermittent power can be caused by snapped wires, an overloaded supply unit, or outdated circuitry. If you need help diagnosing the power outages in your home, contact Aquarius for specialized assistance.

Flickering Lights

Flickering lights when an appliance is turned on could signal voltage fluctuations. It usually happens when the device draws more power than the supply unit can handle. The electrical panel in a modern home should have a 200-Amp rating to meet the consumption needs. Flickering lights could also indicate short circuits or substandard electrical work. Aquarius can help you diagnose and fix the system.

Emergency Repairs

When you have an electrical emergency, you need a team responding on short notice, providing the required repair services. While some emergencies like fallen power lines can be obvious, buzzing sounds in your breaker box or burning smells also require immediate attention from a qualified electrician. Aquarius has a team working round the clock to ensure that your electricity supply is fully operational, even when you’re experiencing a total outage.

Burning Outlets

A burnt outlet signals a fault in your electrical system. When this happens, shut off the power at the circuit breaker and call a licensed electrician to check it out. If you need a trustworthy electrician to fix your system, contact Aquarius, and we’ll send one your way.

Outlet Repair / Replacement

Outlets die because of short circuits, tripped breakers, or normal wear and tear. Many homeowners choose to replace an outlet on their own, but calling an electrician is the best idea, especially when you’re not sure if you’re dealing with a more serious issue. It is also safe to engage an expert to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Electrical Troubleshooting

It’s hard to know where to start troubleshooting when you have an electrical problem but little experience handling it. Finding the problem within a broken system is tougher than you think, and it takes an experienced electrician to troubleshoot and fix it.

Breakers Tripping

A tripping circuit breaker is the first sign that something is wrong with your system, like a short circuit in one of the appliances or somewhere within the wiring. We’ll send an expert your way to ensure that your breakers work efficiently, and your system runs as required.

Ceiling Fans

Problems with the ceiling fan can be hard to resolve when you don’t have any electrical experience. Our team can check out the wiring in a broken fan and help with installation if you need a replacement.

Other Services

We will help you solve all forms of electrical damage such as:

  • Storm damage
  • Lightning damage
  • Pests damage
  • Moisture damage
  • Fire damage

About Us

Aquarius Home Services operates from more than 15 locations in Minnesota. The business was founded to help homeowners get rid of common water problems, making it safe for drinking and domestic consumption. We built on this experience to include first-rate electrical repair and installation solutions.

Get in touch today to discover how our electrical services could bring safety and convenience to your home.

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When’s the Right Time to Rewire a House?

Most experts agree that household wiring has an average lifespan of 25 years. Besides, houses built before 1965 were not legally required to install grounding. However, the current load on the system, the types of cable used, and the alterations made have a huge role in the rewiring decision. If your home falls in that category, it is time to have it rewired.

What Is the Most Common Cause of Electrical Issues?

Electrical problems around the home can be caused by bad wiring, damaged cables, aged equipment, and poor modifications. Some issues to look out for include:

  • Frequent power surges
  • Flickering lights
  • Tripping circuit breakers
  • Electrical shocks from appliances
  • Excessively high electricity bills. 

Talk to a licensed electrician if you experience any of these issues in your home.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Electrical Rewiring?

Homeowner’s insurance covers electrical wiring. However, you may face higher premiums or experience issues filing for claims when you have outdated or poorly installed connections. The knob and tube system used in older homes, for instance, is considered a safety hazard in modern buildings. Ensure that you request a discount on premiums if you’ve recently updated your wiring.

Should I DIY My Repairs?

DIY electrical jobs are never a good idea unless you’re a certified electrician. Electrical repair jobs expose you to life-threatening accidents, and incorrect installation can destroy your appliances besides creating a fire safety risk in your home. You’ll be better off working with a qualified professional if you want quality work while ensuring that everything is up to code.