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Judy V.
Judy V.
My service tech was thorough and professional.
Peggy B.
Peggy B.
Aquarius kept me up to date with expected time of arrival. The plumber, Adam, was patient, kind, and helpful. He offered suggestions, but was not pushy, which I really appreciate.
Ricky R.
Ricky R.
Had some plumbing valves replaced. As usual great service.
Keri C.
Keri C.
Very professional and kind service.
Jon R.
Jon R.
Excellent service. Thorough and very professional
Sarah H.
Sarah H.
Dave did a great job diagnosing and fixing our outlet and light switch issues.
Jared K.
Jared K.
Betty P.
Betty P.
Every person from Becky on the phone to the installers were excellent. I feel like they were all the best of the best. I appreciate very much the total clean up too. I'll be sure to use your other services too without hesitation.APRIL 12, 2024Brandon put much time into a thorough check-up of the AC. He taught me how to hose out dirt. Personally, I like him for his friendliness and the fact he is so caring of his Grandma. All and all I have much confidence and trust in the services of Aquarius.
Sara M.
Sara M.
The technician, Riley, was courtesy and well informed. The office staff was great to work with in scheduling and reaching out the day of the appointment.
Joe K
Joe K
Mick, Chris, Paul and the rest of the crew were great - personable, professional, and communicative. They took the time to explain what they were doing as they installed our new heat pump, answered questions, and clearly cared about doing the best job possible. And Aquarius handled the rebate process with Xcel.
John M
John M
We had an old water heater that started leaking and knew it needed to be replaced sooner than later. We decided to call Aquarius since they've done work for our neighbors and have a good reputation. Shortly after calling Chris came out, did a thorough review of the situation, and provided several replacement options to consider based on our needs. He was very transparent, explained everything clearly, and answered all of our questions. Within a few hours of the original call Chris had a new water heater installed at a reasonable price and we were very relieved that it was done so quickly and professionally. The service and quality of work definitely exceeded our expectations and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend Chris and Aquarius.
Paul G.
Paul G.
Nick was very professional very friendly, and just a nice guy and ver knowledgeable
Lyle H.
Lyle H.
Your scheduling has been terrible , you have rescheduled us 3 times in the last 3 request s for service. We may have to look for another provider in the future!
Connie T.
Connie T.
Nick conducted the annual air conditioning service. He was extremely thorough and explained things so I truly understood what he was doing. And the big plus...he was kind, courteous and thoughtful. Thank you Aquarius!!
Jon S.
Jon S.
Excellent job of replacing all smoke detectors.

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Plumbing systems are designed to last for many years, but even the best materials fail at some point. While older homes are especially vulnerable to plumbing pipe issues, even newer homes may need repiping under particular circumstances.

If you’re currently experiencing issues with your home’s plumbing lines or suspect a problem is developing, now is the time to contact the Aquarius Home Services team for help.

Replacing aging water supply and drain lines is a major project, but the results are worth the time, effort, and money. Your home investment is safe, and the odds of a water leak or related issue are virtually eliminated.

Technician fixes your water heater
Aquarius fixes everything with a smile

However, not everyone understands what’s involved in repiping a home. Here are answers to typical questions homeowners ask us when considering repiping their home in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding areas.

What is Repiping?

The simple answer is that repiping is the complete replacement of a home’s water supply lines. In cases where damage is localized due to freezing or other types of damage, repairing the affected lines might be sufficient.

However, when deterioration is widespread, the only appropriate solution is to replace all the water distribution lines in a home. We’re the region’s experts when it comes to determining when and how to repipe your home, and our team is happy to answer your questions and recommend appropriate repiping solutions.

Rusted Pipes are MORE Than an Eyesore
Plumber Installs New Piping

What are the Advantages of Repiping?

In most cases, the Aquarius team recommends repiping of a home’s water supply system when the water pressure is low or leaks are occurring. Corrosion in older pipes significantly reduces the volume of water that can flow through the system.

In most cases, the Aquarius team recommends repiping of a home’s water supply system when the water pressure is low or leaks are occurring. Corrosion in older pipes significantly reduces the volume of water that can flow through the system.

Pin-hole Leaks are Common.

Pin-hole leaks also occur frequently when the water supply includes certain chemicals or minerals that react with the plumbing materials. Before recommending specific solutions, the Aquarius Home Services team of experts evaluates the water supply to ensure corrosion issues won’t be a problem in the future.

No one wants to worry about their home’s plumbing system. Repiping aging or damaged water supply lines means Twin Cities residents won’t have to worry about recurring leaks causing flooding or requiring constant repairs.

Of course, prospective home buyers are also more likely to offer more for a home with updated plumbing. We have years of experience repiping Twin Cities area homes and will take the time to explain the pros and cons of different repiping options.

Will the Water Supply Be Interrupted During the Work?

Yes, all the lines are being replaced, which means the water service must be shut off at least some of the time during the repair process. However, the systems in some homes make it possible to restore service to parts of the home prior to all the work being completed.

Our team will review the current system to determine how long your home may be without water during the repiping work. We’ll always discuss when and where the water supply must be off during the repiping process and explore ways to make your life easier when the water supply will be off or limited.

As a rule, we’ll complete repiping projects within a day or two, depending on the size of your home and the location of the water supply lines. Because of our vast experience,  our team is generally able to provide accurate estimates of the time needed for repiping homes anywhere in the Twin Cities.

A Burst Pipe Can Cause a Lot of Damage

What Factors Impact the Cost of Repiping a Home?

While older homes often have relatively simple plumbing systems, we’ve found that many newer homes include far more complicated networks of pipes supplying water to different parts of those homes. That means the Aquarius team of plumbers will review your home’s entire plumbing system to determine how long the project will take and estimate the cost of materials.

Number of Bathrooms

The number of bathrooms and overall square footage of the home are certainly factors, but where the plumbing lines are installed must also be considered. When a large portion of the system is hidden or otherwise difficult to access, the total cost will be higher.

Ease of Access

Most homes in this region have water supply lines located in basement areas that are easy to get to, but others are built with supply lines buried in concrete, which significantly increases the labor involved. We’ll always discuss your home’s unique conditions to make sure you’re always aware of any possible issues.

Replace Fixtures

It’s also important to consider whether any fixtures will need to be replaced during the repiping. In some cases, corrosion or age make it impractical to reuse some fixtures in your home.

If sinks, showers, toilets, or other fixtures need replacing, the costs will go up to cover those elements. We’ll help you decide when it’s time to upgrade or replace existing fixtures and provide a number of options to consider.

We generally recommend replacing worn or damaged fixtures, but the return on investment should be considered when deciding which elements to replace and which ones to keep. In most cases, not having to worry about additional issues developing in the near future will be important when making your decisions. We’re happy to discuss any concerns you have and recommend solutions designed to fit your family’s needs and budget.

Severely Rusted Plumbing Needs to be Replaced ASAP

Which Plumbing Materials Were Commonly Used in the Twin Cities?

When considering which materials to use when repiping a home, the Aquarius experts will consider the local water supply quality, the complexity of the installation, and your budget. However, there are two types of material commonly recommended in the Twin Cities and surrounding areas. But first, we’ll help you understand the pros and cons of any materials currently in your home.


Fun Fact: Older homes in the Twin Cities were often plumbed using galvanized pipe for the supply lines. That material hasn’t been used in years due to its tendency to corrode from the inside out. If your home still has galvanized water supply lines, now is the time to consider a replacement, as those pipes are well beyond their expected lifespan.


Many homes in the region also have copper water supply lines. Those pipes are fairly reliable if they were installed prior to 2004 when inexpensive copper piping from China entered the mix. The Chinese material was of low quality and experienced a significant failure rate, with some of those pipes developing leaks in as little as two or three years.

However, even older copper pipes installed prior to 2004 are now nearing the end of their expected lifespan. We’ll show you what we find and discuss how long the current materials are expected to last in your neighborhood.


In some local communities, plastic piping was used for plumbing supply and drain lines, but not all communities allowed the use of PVC and other types of plastic in the 1950s and 60s.

While that’s true, it’s common to find older PVC pipes in homes throughout the region. Those older PVC lines tend to become brittle with age, which means homes using the material are at risk of developing leaks if the pipes freeze or suffer any type of impact damage.

Regardless of the type of plumbing currently in your home, it’s crucial to remember that age is the enemy of all plumbing materials. For example, mineral deposits may build up in any type of water pipe, and all metal plumbing can deteriorate when exposed to certain minerals or chemicals in the water. The Aquarius Home Services professionals will determine how and why your home’s plumbing corroded or was damaged.

plumber inspects pitch of plumbing
Plumber Inspects Pitch (level) of Basement Pipes

What Materials are Recommended When Repiping Homes in the Twin Cities?

Once all the factors leading to the need for repiping are considered, our team recommends a repiping product for your home and explains why they’re making that recommendation.

As a rule, two types of plumbing material now dominate the market for repiping in Minneapolis and the surrounding communities: PEX and copper. Each material has pros and cons, which means it’s always a good idea to review your options prior to choosing a repiping material.


At this point, PEX has a number of advantages when repiping in the Twin Cities. In homes where water supply lines run through walls or other spaces that are difficult to access, PEX is easier to install, which means you’ll pay less for the labor involved in repiping. PEX also doesn’t corrode like metals, which means it’s less likely to develop leaks. Because PEX is flexible, water hammer won’t become a problem.

Although PEX is often considered the best option for homes in the Twin Cities, it’s not perfect. One major downside is that it can’t be used outdoors, as ultraviolet light causes the material to degrade quickly. PEX also requires special tools for connecting lines and fittings.

A final factor to consider is the inability to recycle PEX. However, most of your home’s plumbing will be protected, which means you’ll enjoy the benefits of a great product and keep your overall repiping costs lower.


In some instances, copper is still a great material to use, as the problems experienced with the Chinese products are largely gone. Copper is durable and is now expected to last for at least 50 years assuming there are no issues with your home’s water supply.

Homes with copper water supply lines won’t see water contamination due to the pipe material. The pipes are also light, which is always an advantage when labor is a factor. Unlike PEX or other plastics, copper is recyclable, which is an important consideration for many families.

On the downside, copper is expensive, which means it’s generally more costly to install than PEX. While that issue may not be a major factor in homes with a limited number of water supply lines, the cost difference will be significant in larger homes with multiple bath areas. Again, it’s also important to remember that acidic water will create problems when copper pipes are used.

Leaking pipe causing damage and corrosion
Leaking Pipe Causes Damage and Corrosion

You Don’t Have to Make Difficult Repiping Decisions Alone.

If you suspect your home needs repiping, our team of experts is here to help. We’ve repiped countless homes in the area, and customers trust us to treat their home with care during the entire process.

We’re fully licensed and insured, which means you’re protected whenever we’re working on your home. At Aquarius, we also know that repiping projects are not inexpensive. When your budget is an issue, talk to us. We’ll always work with you to come up with payment options that are affordable.

Remember, at Aquarius, we have the experience and training to help you decide when repiping is necessary and which materials are best to use. That means you’ll have the information necessary to make vital repiping decisions.

With over 35 years’ experience in plumbing Minneapolis area homes, our team is fully prepared to handle all your home’s repiping needs. For more information, contact the Aquarius Home Services experts today. Convivence is key, so, all our services can be scheduled through our website.