How Long Does It Take To Replace A Furnace? (What To Expect)

How Long Does It Take To Replace a Furnace?

Have you ever put off something you know you needed to do, but were too lazy to take the time to do it? Then, when you finally did, you thought, “that wasn’t so bad!” The same goes for replacing your furnace.

Some homeowners might think that it’s a huge task to replace their furnace, but in the end, it’s super easy and can often be done within a day. So if you ever find yourself asking “how long does it take to replace a furnace?”— refer to this guide and you’ll know exactly what to expect.

7 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Furnace

While we wish our home’s appliances could last forever, that sadly isn’t the case. And it can be tough to know when the time is right to replace your furnace vs. making repairs. Some tell-tale signs it’s time to replace your furnace might include:

1) Your System is Over 15 Years Old ⌛

Furnaces usually last anywhere from 15-20 years on average. If your furnace is older than that, it’s probably time to replace it rather than repair it.

2) Higher Than Normal Energy Bills 📈

If you have an older system and find yourself with rising energy bills, your furnace may be working too hard to warm your home. Replacing it with a newer, more efficient model can help save on energy costs in the long run.

how long does it take to replace a furnace interior

3) You’re Repairing it Frequently 🧰

If you find yourself frequently repairing your furnace, it might be time to consider replacing it. It’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of making repairs, but this will only end up costing you more money in the long run.

4) You Notice Excess Dust or Dirt Around the House 🧹

When furnaces get older, they tend to become less efficient at filtering out dust and dirt. If you notice more of this around your home, check your air filters and change them, but if it recurs, it could be the furnace at fault.

5) The Furnace Makes Loud Noises 🔊

If your furnace starts to make noises such as banging, rattling, or squealing, it could be a sign that something is wrong with the heat exchanger and needs to be inspected.

6) Some Rooms are Warmer Than Others 🥵

Inefficiently heating different rooms could mean a few things. It could mean a vent is clogged or some radiators need to be bled. But it can also mean your furnace is quitting on you and becoming much less efficient.

7) Your Furnace is Rusting or Cracked 💔

If your furnace has a lot of rust or cracks, it’s best to replace it as soon as possible. If left untreated for too long, it can cause a dangerous carbon monoxide leak in your home.

How Long Does a Furnace Replacement Take?

Installing a new furnace takes, on average, 4 to 8 hours. So if you’re lucky, you should have a new furnace replaced within the day! At Aquarius we strive to do next day installs. However, many factors can play into how long or fast a furnace replacement can go. Things to consider before your furnace replacement include:

The Size of Your Home

If your home is bigger, the installation may take longer. The size of your home will also affect the size of the furnace you’ll need and amount of vents/radiators you need to function properly.

Accessibility of Your Basement

The ease of access to your furnace will also determine how long a replacement takes. The easier it is for technicians to get to your furnace, the faster they can start their job.

The Type of Furnace You Want

There are gas and electric furnaces, each with its own unique installation techniques and processes. In general, electric furnaces can take up to two hours longer to install than a standard gas furnace. This is due to home electric systems being quite unique from each other, so your contractor may need some extra assessment time.

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Labor and Installation Costs

Of course, installation labor costs will depend on the complexity of the job and how long it takes. It’s important to note that furnace replacements can be quite costly, so make sure you shop around for the best deal before settling with one contractor. For example, at Aquarius Home Services, we offer flat rates for labor— the quote you get is the amount you’ll pay.

The Condition of Your Existing HVAC System

The condition of your existing HVAC system can also impact the length of time it takes to replace a furnace. If there are any repairs that need to be done before installation, this will add more time onto the project.

Disposing of the Old Furnace

Of course, when you get a furnace replacement, the HVAC professional will have to uninstall your existing unit, being careful not to damage anything in the process. Then, the last step in replacing your furnace is disposing of the old unit. Make sure you have all the necessary permits and paperwork to do so, as illegal dumping of a furnace can lead to hefty fines.

While a furnace replacement is a big investment, and it can be hard to decide which to go with, know that when the day comes, the installation will be a breeze, and our team will be in and out within the day.

Work With the Furnace Pros at Aquarius Home Services

Replacing your furnace can be a stressful and expensive process, so it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of furnace repair vs. replacement first. At Aquarius Home Services, we have a team of experienced professionals who can inspect your existing system and help you determine if repair or replacement is right for you.

We will also provide you with an accurate cost estimate so you can make the best decision for your home. Contact us today to learn more about our furnace repair and replacement services.

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