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Why You Need A Furnace Tune-Up Before Winter

Worker performing a furnace tuneup

Hard to believe, but summer is over and the leaves will be dropping in no time. As the weather cools off, it’s time to think about getting ready for another cold, snowy winter in the Midwest. One of the tasks that you should be considering sooner rather than later is a furnace tune-up. In fact, … Read more

How Long Does a Furnace Last On Average?

how long does a furnace last removing furnace door

Everything comes with an expiration date, especially your home’s appliances. Of course, when something is integral to the function of your home— not to mention expensive— it’s essential to know how much life you’ll get out of it and what you can do to extend that life. For example, how long does a furnace last? … Read more

Cost Analysis: How Much Does a Furnace Tune-Up Cost?

furnace tune up cost getting an estimate

A furnace tune-up is a regular maintenance service that ensures your appliance is operating at peak efficiency and performance. Furnace maintenance usually includes a system cleaning and then a closer inspection of various parts to see what may need to be adjusted or repaired. Of course, keeping your furnace maintained is just one of the … Read more

What Size Furnace Do I Need (Based on Square Footage)?

woman looks at her phone while sitting near her radiator

Wintertime brings with it a host of amazing outdoor activities: snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and building snowmen, to name a few! After the winter fun is done, though, it feels amazing to head back inside to warm up in a toasty living room. If you find yourself returning to a frigid space rather than a cozy … Read more

Do It Now: Furnace Replacement

Replace your furnace

Investing in a new furnace is a big decision that requires careful consideration. However, if you are considering an upgrade, there are several compelling reasons why you should invest in a new furnace now. Increased Energy Efficiency One of the biggest benefits of a new furnace is that it is much more energy efficient than … Read more

How Often Should You Get a Furnace Inspection?

furnace inspection when to schedule inspection

Like most homeowners, you may not think about getting your furnace inspected as often as you should. However, a routine furnace inspection is vital to keeping your heating system running smoothly. Not only could regular maintenance save you time and money by preventing costly repairs, but it can also provide peace of mind. In this … Read more

4 Types of Furnaces: Which One Is Best?

types of furnaces oil furnace to heat home

Your home’s furnace is the powerhouse of your heat— keeping warm air circulating so you can be toasty warm all winter long. And you don’t need to be an HVAC expert to know that having an efficient furnace is vital to keeping your home warm and your energy bills low. However, most homeowners don’t know … Read more

A Homeowner’s Guide to Saving Heat at Home

does closing off rooms save heat keeping house warm and cozy

During the cold winter months, everyone is trying to find ways to feel warmer, but also save on heating costs. It sounds like a double-edged sword, but there are some ways you can save heat at home while still staying nice and cozy. Some simple tips include: Layering up Getting thick curtains Putting plastic on … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Replace a Furnace?

how long does it take to replace a furnace new install

Have you ever put off something you know you needed to do, but were too lazy to take the time to do it? Then, when you finally did, you thought, “that wasn’t so bad!” The same goes for replacing your furnace. Some homeowners might think that it’s a huge task to replace their furnace, but … Read more

5 Tips for Quieting Loud Heating Pipes

how to quiet heating pipes copper piping

Picture it: it’s wintertime, you’re under a cozy blanket, and you’ve finally kicked on the heat to be toasty warm on the sofa. But when you’re trying to relax, you keep hearing banging and knocking in your pipes. It’s annoying, it’s worrisome, and you want to know how to fix it. You’re in luck: we’re … Read more