5 Tips For Quieting Loud Heating Pipes This Winter

5 Tips for Quieting Loud Heating Pipes

Picture it: it’s wintertime, you’re under a cozy blanket, and you’ve finally kicked on the heat to be toasty warm on the sofa. But when you’re trying to relax, you keep hearing banging and knocking in your pipes. It’s annoying, it’s worrisome, and you want to know how to fix it. You’re in luck: we’re going to teach you how to quiet heating pipes to finally silence that annoying noise.

Your heating pipes can make noise for many reasons, including:

Regardless of the reason, you want to silence the knocking, clanking, or tapping you keep hearing when the heat turns on. These tips will help you fix the noise easily enough, but you may want to call the pros at Aquarius if the job calls for a more complex solution.

Reasons You Have Noisy Pipes + How to Quiet Them 🤫

Noisy central heating and water pipes are a common occurrence and can actually be quite normal. Banging pipes or loud clanging can be a worrisome sound, but can be fixed with a few simple steps. Here are 5 common reasons you have noisy heating pipes + how to fix it!

1) The Heating is Starting Up Like Normal

When your boiler kicks on, it’s completely normal to hear banging or knocking sounds, especially if you have a radiator system. The heat turning on will cause the entire system to expand as it heats up, which is what causes the noise. You might hear it coming from pipes, radiators, vents, etc. As long as you only hear it during the system turning on (or off), it’s normal. However, if it’s distractingly loud, you can try a few things to quiet the noise.

🧰 How to Fix It:

If the noise is too much to bear, you can have a professional re-route your pipes, if possible, to keep them from knocking against walls, beams, floorboards, etc. You could try guiding them through areas of the house more insulated or away from bedrooms or common areas.

how to quiet heating pipes stacked pipes

2) Trapped Air in the Pipes

Trapped air in the pipes, also called airlocks, can be a major cause of noisy heating pipes. The airlocks or air bubbles in your pipes create a loud sound that can sound like banging, knocking, or clunking.

🧰 How to Fix It:

In this case, you’ll have to “bleed” your radiators. This is done by opening up the bleed valves on each radiator and letting out a small amount of air until the noise stops. You’ll likely have to do this multiple times, but try not to let too much water out, or you risk damaging your system.

3) A Sudden Surge of Water— Water Hammering

If you hear a banging noise when you turn on the hot water, this is most likely due to water hammering. This happens when there’s a sudden surge of water in your pipes and is usually more prominent with hot water systems but can also be heard with central heating.

🧰 How to Fix It:

If you are experiencing water hammering, you’ll need to install a device called an “arrestor” or “dampener.” This will dampen the sudden surge of water and minimize the banging noises. If that doesn’t work, your plumbing system may need some re-engineering, but it’s best to leave this job to a professional.

4) The Pipes Have Limescale Build Up

how to quiet heating pipes limescale build up

In areas with hard water, you may frequently experience limescale build-up in both water pipes and heating pipes. This can cause slow flow, dirty water, and scaling of appliances. So if you’re hearing a noise closer to tapping or clicking, this can be a sign of limescale build-up that needs to be addressed.

🧰 How to Fix It:

To get rid of the limescale build-up, there are a few things you or an HVAC contractor can do:

  1. Flush your piping system
  2. Put in a scale reducer filtration system that can stop limescale before it even hits your pipes
  3. Install an inhibitor that breaks down and prevents limescale
  4. Get your boiler serviced annually

5) Loose or Unsecure Pipes

Lastly, loud pipes can be caused by pipes literally rattling around due to being loose in their brackets. If you’re hearing a rattling sound as the pipes heat up, it’s likely caused by them being loose and unsecured.

🧰 How to Fix It:

To fix this problem, you’ll need to simply secure any loose pipes back in their brackets. You can use clips or clamps that should be available at your local hardware store. You may also need to reinforce any weak brackets or add additional ones if needed. You can also use foam or tape to secure them temporarily and dampen the sound.

Get Help From Local Heating Professionals ♨️

Aquarius Home Services is your choice local team of HVAC pros that can help you install, repair, replace, and insulate your pipes to ensure they work properly and don’t keep you up at night. If you have noisy pipes you need to be quieted down, or any vital HVAC needs— we’re the ones to help. Check out our current offers and schedule your service with a few easy clicks.

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