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Will Your Furnace Make It Through the Winter: 7 Signs It May be Time for a New One

Even though a furnace will diligently serve you for over 15 years, monitoring its functionality is essential. Faulty or old furnaces are inefficient, costly, and prone to breakdowns, especially when needed most. Fortunately, the best HVAC systems experts can help inspect, repair, or replace your furnace.

On that note, let us explore telltale signs that your unit is in dire need of repairs or a replacement.

1. Your Furnace is More than 15 Years Old

Though this is subjective, there is no doubt the older a machine gets, the more problems it causes. Although furnaces may last for up to three decades, their efficiency drops considerably when they reach a ripe age of 15 years. This comes with sharp rises in electricity bills, frequent maintenance, and unbearable noises.

In contrast, newer furnaces are designed to be energy efficient, saving you a few bucks on energy bills. They consume less power but produce outstanding results. They are also easy to operate, smaller, and cheap to maintain. They, too, may require minor repairs but will still work optimally.

Replacing an aged furnace with a newer one is crucial as it enhances efficiency. For this, talk to experts for advice on which brand suits your home. And if the current appliance can function after repair, they will still do it.

2. Producing Unexplainable Noises

The blowing fan, moving belts, and the effects of heat on metals will cause the typical sound of a furnace. However, rattling sounds should capture your attention. It is one of the effective furnace malfunctioning signals to keep in mind. Rattling indicates loose parts within the unit or the motor is off-balance. A technician will quickly diagnose the problem and fix it to avoid further damage.

Metal on metal clank shows something is not right with the blower or the fun. In most cases, it could be the fan brushing off against the blower’s housing. Clanks should be handled by furnace repair experts only.

3. Release Excess Dirt and Dust

Old furnaces are to be blamed for dusty and dirty homes. Dust accumulates in their filters over time, causing ineffectiveness. At this point, they will start producing clouds of dust and dirt. However, a  quick replacement of old filters with new ones would do just right.

To tell whether your furnace is the leading cause of dirt and dust, carefully observe the air blowing out of your HVAC. If the filter component is the leading cause, expect a cloud of dust to push around your house once switched on. Breathing in dusty air has negative impacts on your health. Therefore, it would be best to  consider an urgent furnace repair or replacement.

Entrusting your furnace to a professional technician will help solve the situation. The expert will tell whether the filter should be repaired or replaced. You might as well replace the filter with careful consultation of the manual.

4. You are Paying for What You Aren’t Receiving.

Most furnaces are equipped to provide much-needed heat for survival in the fall at a pocket-friendly cost. If you start paying for more than you are getting, it’s time to replace your heating unit.

Unfortunately, most homeowners are reluctant to let go of their old furnaces. But do you know  modern furnaces are designed to achieve up to 98% energy efficiency. On the flip side, ageing furnaces achieve close to half of that.

Therefore, it means you are likely to spend twice as much on an old furnace than a modern one. In addition, aged furnace maintenance costs and constant failure can be stressful during cold weather. It would be sensible to replace your HVAC unit with a modern one because they are energy efficient.

5. No Longer Controls Humidity

Furnaces don’t have a complex system that regulates humidity, but they control it nonetheless. When your home is dry, a valve in the humidistat opens up. As water trickles down to the honeycomb-like metal structure, dry air from the fan is moisturized to restore normal humidity levels in your home.

In winter, the air is usually drier due to low temperatures that freeze out water molecules. It causes lips and heels to crack, increases nosebleeds, and destroys wooden furniture. High humidity, on the other hand, harbors dangerous fungi that cause diseases. Thus, balancing humidity is good for your health and home.

If your furnace can’t manage interior humidity, consider replacing it. Some will cause unprecedented damage even though they are warming up your home. Finally, always engage experts when such problems arise.

6. Frequent Repairs have Increased Considerably

Functioning furnaces require repairs due to expected wear and tear that are as a result of moving parts. Normally, this will be after a few months or a year. Replacing furnaces is much cheaper when the period between repairs shortens substantially. This is because the increased frequency of HVAC repair costs more than spending on a new unit.

7. There are Visible Cracks and Rust Marks

Rusting is a sign that your appliance has outlived its purpose. It shows that the metal components are disintegrating and can no longer function well. This might be due to a lack of oil or water trickling down into the machine.

Creative users will try to isolate the problem first before looking for possible solutions. Homeowners can mitigate the issue by oiling moving parts, repainting rusty casing, and sealing leakages. If this doesn’t work, advanced measures provided by experts should be a solution to the problem.

Opposed to rusting, visible cracks are caused by mechanical damage. Perhaps something heavy dropped on the unit, or it accidentally fell down when mounting it. Superficial cracks require minor repairs, while deep gashes may call for a replacement.


Key Takeaway

In a nutshell, furnaces are crucial for our survival during cold weather. That is why it is important to test their reliability before the onset of winter. Good furnaces run silently and have no rust marks.

It would be best to replace your unit when it is over 15 years old, consume more power and release dirt and dust into the air. Although furnace replacement is a DIY project for some, it’s always advisable to involve the experts to avoid making mistakes with the installation or replacement.

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