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7 Best Heat Pump Systems Compared (Pros & Cons)

Are you wondering who makes the best heat pump system? When deciding on the best heat pumps for your home or business, it’s important to consider each brand’s features.

Below are some features of seven of the top heat pump brands, including Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Carrier, Goodman, Ruud, Lennox, and Trane. So whether you need a dual fuel heat pump, geothermal heat pump, or variable capacity heat pumps, you’ll have no trouble finding what you need with the best heat pump brands featured in this heat pump buying guide.

Read on for more information about various heat pump systems and their pros and cons.


Daikin offers several models of heat pumps, including air source heat pumps and geothermal heat pumps, to provide efficient heating and cooling while providing a quieter operation than other brands. Daikin is known for its reputation for dependability and longevity, making it a great selection for energy-saving solutions.

One major benefit of installing a Daikin system is its high-efficiency rating. In addition, Daikin systems are quiet during operation, with advanced noise reduction technology that ensures minimal noise levels. They also come with industry-leading warranties.

Daikin systems may come with a higher price tag due to their added installation work.

Mitsubishi Electric

Mitsubishi Electric is renowned for its efficiency and dependability. Their heat pump units move heat between places using a combination of electricity, refrigerant, and other components.

Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps have features such as auto restart after power outages and remote control capabilities. They typically have a SEER between 12-15, so they consume less electricity than many competing models while still providing excellent performance.

Installation costs for a Mitsubishi Electric heat pump may be higher in certain areas due to local regulations on outdoor piping. They might not offer the same instant gratification as an air conditioner or gas furnace when achieving optimal temperatures.


Carrier air source heat pump units use two-stage compressors to run more efficiently. They also have advanced features such as variable speed fan motors, humidity control capabilities, and Wi-Fi-enabled thermostats for remote access.

The initial cost of installing a Carrier heat pump is higher than other HVAC systems, like air conditioning systems, given their more intricate components. However, this outlay can be recouped over time due to these systems’ longevity and energy efficiency.

Moreover, in colder climates where temperatures dip below freezing point frequently, extra insulation may be necessary for the optimal performance of an outdoor unit – as the auxiliary electric heater components installed alongside it would need additional support from such measures, consequently adding further costs.

It is important to look at upfront costs and factor in estimated running expenses over the lifetime usage period, which should give you better insight into the overall value for money offered by each type of HVAC solution available today.


Trane heat pumps feature advanced technology to maximize comfort while reducing energy costs. They allow you to adjust airflow based on temperature changes throughout the day.

A Trane heat pump saves energy by reducing your heating and cooling costs by up to 50% compared to other heating methods, such as electric furnaces and boilers.

Rust-resistant components make the Trane heat pump last longer and require less maintenance or repairs. Trane heat pumps are designed to give you adjustable cooling and heating power levels based on your requirements.

Due to their reliance on outdoor temperatures during colder times of the year, weather factors may inhibit the warmth transfer indoors. This should be considered before investing in a Trane heat pump, as it may not provide optimal results in such regions.


Goodman offers two-stage and single-stage heat pumps. SmartShift technology is available on select outdoor units to improve longevity.

Goodman makes energy efficient heat pump units that are energy star rated and come with great warranties. Goodman has been in the business of manufacturing HVAC products for many years, and their experience shows in their product line.

The biggest disadvantage of a Goodman heat pump is that it tends to break down before they reach ten years old. Goodman has fewer options for customization than other heat pump brands. You may want to look elsewhere if you have a specific need for these features.

Ruud Electric

Rheem’s Ruud brand is one of the most respected names in the HVAC industry. They have an excellent reputation for offering quality products at affordable prices. Their line of heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) heat pump units is no different.

Many homeowners have chosen this brand for their heating needs because of its high-efficiency rating, low noise levels, and easy maintenance.

The Ruud heat pump has a lower SEER rating than most competitors. The SEER rating is the industry standard for measuring the efficiency of a heating and cooling unit. The higher the number, the more energy efficient it is.

The Ruud system also has a shorter warranty than some of its rivals. Unfortunately, if your system breaks down before its time, you won’t be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.


Over 6,000 independent dealers provide Lennox heat pumps. They are very well-known for their high-quality products and dependability.

Lennox heat pump units have excellent energy ratings and can be used in homes with different heating and cooling systems. They also have high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios) ratings, meaning they use less energy than other brands. Lennox offers a nationwide support system with trained technicians to handle any problems that may arise with your unit.

Lennox doesn’t offer any pricing information online, so you’ll have to call them directly or visit their website to get an estimate on your new heat pump. It’s also worth mentioning that Lennox repairs may be more difficult than other brands.


When choosing a heat pump, many factors should be weighed. Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Carrier, Goodman, Ruud, Lennox, and Trane offer reliable systems with a variety of features and benefits.

Ultimately, the choice boils down to personal requirements and desires when choosing which brand has the optimal product for your residence or enterprise. Consider each option carefully before making an informed purchase decision.

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