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Help! My Heat Pumps Isn’t Making My Home Warm Enough!

Are you finding that you have to bundle up in your home even when your heat pump is working? It’s not fun during a Minnesota winter to find that your heating system is struggling to do its job, leaving some rooms ice cold, while providing only moderate heat to the others. Or perhaps it seems to take forever for the heat pump to bring the house to the appropriate temperature for comfort. This is something you’ll want fixed as soon as possible. We’re going to take a look at what might be going on with your heat pump.

Some culprits for an underperforming heat pump

First, make sure that the heat pump’s air filter is clean. If it’s heavily clogged, change it for a fresh one and then see if the heating returns to normal. (Change the filter regularly, every 1 to 3 months.)

As for other possibilities: The issue could involve thermostat malfunctions. If a thermostat is miscalibrated and sensing incorrect temperatures, it will make the heat pump turn on and off at the wrong times. Often the best solution to this is to have new thermostats put in; upgrading climate controls is a great way to save more money with improved features.

A problem in the heat pump itself that might be responsible is dirt and grime along either the indoor or outdoor coils, which will restrict heat exchange. Also check the outdoor cabinet to make sure there isn’t snow banked up against it, which will make it hard for the heat pump to draw sufficient outdoor air. Call professionals to clean off the coils, since you shouldn’t do this on your own.

You also may have a heat pump that is 1) too old and in need of a replacement, or 2) not efficient enough and absorbing cold from outdoors. In either case, we recommend looking into a dual fuel heat pump, which uses a back-up furnace to assist the heat pump when the temperatures outside drop too low.

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