How Often Should You Get A Furnace Inspection? (Homeowner’s Guide)

How Often Should You Get a Furnace Inspection?

Like most homeowners, you may not think about getting your furnace inspected as often as you should. However, a routine furnace inspection is vital to keeping your heating system running smoothly. Not only could regular maintenance save you time and money by preventing costly repairs, but it can also provide peace of mind.

In this blog post, we’ll explain why getting regular furnace maintenance is essential and discuss how often you should get it done. Keep reading to learn more!

How Often Should You Get Furnace Inspections?

If your furnace is less than ten years old, it’s recommended to have a professional HVAC technician examine your system twice a year—once in the fall and once in the spring. However, an annual furnace inspection is a good idea if your furnace is older than ten years.

During the inspection, the tech will thoroughly assess the furnace and its components. This includes a visual inspection, testing for carbon monoxide leaks, testing the thermostat and burners, checking for gas leaks, and more.

Why Is Furnace Inspection Important?

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Getting your furnace inspected is necessary for keeping your home safe. The inspection identifies potential issues with your heating system before they become more significant problems. Here are a few things that could happen if you don’t get your heating system checked out regularly:

Malfunctioning Parts

Issues such as broken motors and worn-out belts could cause your furnace to run inefficiently or fail altogether. This is a big problem because it can result in higher utility bills. It can also cause significant repairs or even system replacement if the damage is irreversible.

Safety Concerns

Furnace inspections also help identify safety concerns. Carbon monoxide poisoning is a real danger, and it’s caused by leaking furnaces. An inspection can detect faulty parts and gas leaks to help prevent dangerous situations.

Lack of Efficiency

A regular inspection also helps to keep your system running as efficiently as possible. Your HVAC technician will check for any clogs, blockages, or other problems that can cause your furnace to work harder and use more energy than it needs to.

Signs That It’s Time for a Furnace Inspection

It’s important to keep an eye out for any signs that your furnace may need an inspection. These can include:

High Energy Bills 💸

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One of the primary signs that your HVAC system needs an inspection is if your energy bills have been erratic or unusually high. An inefficient furnace means more energy usage and higher costs.

When your heating furnace has to run longer than necessary or is working harder to keep your home warm, your energy bills will inevitably be higher.

Strange Noises 🤔

If your furnace is making strange noises like banging, thumping, or whistling, it could be a sign that it needs an inspection. It’s best to act fast if you notice any abnormal sounds, as this could indicate a serious problem. In most cases, noises come from worn-out parts that need to be replaced.

Odd Smells 👃

Another sign of a furnace issue is if you smell strange odors coming from your system. Burnt wiring, dust, and mold can all cause an unpleasant smell. If you notice any odors coming from your furnace, it’s best to get it inspected as soon as possible.

Your Carbon Monoxide Detector Is Going Off 🚨

This sign is serious and should be taken seriously. If your carbon monoxide detector is going off, it indicates a gas leak or other malfunction with your furnace. Carbon monoxide poisoning is life-threatening, so if you notice this sign, turn off your furnace and call a qualified professional immediately. You should also open the windows in your home and go outside until help arrives.

No Heat 🥶

If your furnace fails to produce heat, it’s almost certainly due to an underlying issue. A lack of heat may be caused by anything from a faulty thermostat to a broken motor. In most cases, the furnace needs to be repaired or replaced.

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