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Does a Heat Pump Need Maintenance Twice a Year?

Spring is now officially here—even if the warm spring weather hasn’t arrived along with it. However, that’s what we expect in Minnesota. The rest of March and April will see gradual warming, maybe some sudden spikes in heat, but the periods of rough cold weather aren’t done.

No matter what conditions are like outside during the early spring, it’s the time to schedule regular maintenance from professionals to tune-up and inspect your household heat pump. This is the best way to ensure quality performance over the coming summer, as well as to end the winter on a strong note with a healthy system.

But if you’re thinking you can skip maintenance for the heat pump because you already had annual maintenance for the system in the fall, we have some information about heat pumps we need to share with you.

Yes, Heat Pumps Do Need Twice-Yearly Maintenance

If you’re thinking that a heat pump requires only a single annual maintenance visit, you’re confusing the way a heat pump operates with the way an air conditioner, furnace, or boiler operates. Each of these systems only handles one comfort function, and for the most part will only run during a single part of the year. A heating system needs maintenance in fall to ready it for winter work, and an AC needs it in spring to ready it for summer work.

A heat pump, on the other hand… If you’ve had your heat pump for a year or more, you already know that it handles comfort no matter the season. A heat pump isn’t a combination of two different system types: it uses the same components when in heating mode as in cooling mode. After a single winter or summer, a heat pump accumulates enough strain to negatively affect it during the next season—unless it has maintenance.

This is especially important to remember in spring, since a heat pump has just completed a heavy workload dealing with a Minnesota winter. You don’t want your home’s heat pump heading into the warmth of summer when it still has major winter fatigue!

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