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How to Clean Your Garbage Disposal and Keep it Smelling Fresh


Is there a mysterious odor taking over your kitchen? If you have an unpleasant smell that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how many times you mop the floor or clean out the fridge, your garbage disposal may be the culprit. From leftover food to grimy grease, there’s a lot of debris that gets … Read more

5 Simple Tricks to Unclog a Drain


There is nothing that ruins the clean feeling that comes with a shower, like a clogged drain forcing you to shower in ankle-deep water. If you find yourself standing in your shower water or start noticing your sink is draining at a dreadful pace, don’t call a plumber just yet. There are a few things … Read more

Sump Pump 101

Sump Pump After a cold, snow-filled season, the winter chill is giving away to the warmer temperatures that trigger the spring thaw. Most homeowners dread the spring seasons despite the bountiful offerings, including sunshine, blooming flowers, and chirping birds.  Melting snow is synonymous with water damage, mold infestations, and flooding basements to many people. If your … Read more

5 Methods To Clean Limescale and Other Hard Water Stains

Hard Water Stains on Glass

Limescale and hard water stains are a nuisance when it comes to cleaning. Whether in the shower or on the sink, these stains can be nasty eyesores. Therefore, we are going to look at  some DIY methods to clean these stains effectively. But before we do, where do they come from? In addition, what even … Read more

Does a Tankless Water Heater Need Regular Maintenance?


Most of us go through the bulk of our lives without thinking about the performance of our home’s tankless water heaters. This is true, at least, until our water heating system gives out and we are left with cold water throughout our entire home. This is not a pleasant experience, especially when you just want to take a nice, warm shower or bath at the beginning of the day, or after a particularly long and stressful one.

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