7 Important Factors To Consider When Choosing an HVAC Company

Whether it is repairing or replacing an HVAC system, your choice of a service provider can have a huge impact on your system, and for the long term. Being one of the biggest investments in your home, you ought to be careful with who you allow to work on it. Note that a good contractor will help keep your HVAC working for years without experiencing major issues, while an incompetent service provider will only cause more damage, sometimes even forcing you to replace the whole system sooner than you expected.

Installation or repair of an HVAC system is a rather technical job that needs an experienced individual. Unfortunately, many people do not pay attention to who they hire to work on their system. The end? Loss of time and money and potential safety hazards in their homes.

To avoid any inconveniences along the way, it is imperative that you work with a proven HVAC service provider for all your HVAC-related issues – from installation to furnace repair and maintenance. So, how do you choose an HVAC company to handle all this?

Read on to see some important factors to consider when shopping for an HVAC company:

1. Cost

Different contractors charge different prices for services offered, so you should confirm with your contractor about their fees before working with them. Basically, you need to work with a provider whose charges are within your budget. However, be careful with settling for a contractor because they offer low charges; sometimes, cheap can be expensive, and it may end up costing you more in the long run.

More importantly, study the quotation carefully to understand the terms. You might find that while the contractor offers services at a high cost, they provide maintenance at subsidized rates. Pay attention to the terms of the contract to make an informed decision.

2. Reliability

Your HVAC company of choice should prove its reliability, and this can be done in two ways; one, they should be available any time you need assistance with your system. For example, if your HVAC breaks down in the middle of the night, they should be available to do the necessary repairs. In other words, a reliable service provider responds promptly in short notices.

Another way to prove the reliability of an HVAC company is if they have full-time employees: Many companies usually subcontract technicians, which is not only inconvenient on the side of customers but also risky, especially if they are not covered by the company’s license, liability insurance, or workers’ compensation. Be sure to ask your contractor the right questions to gauge how reliable they are.

3. Customer service

When hunting for an HVAC company, enquire about their air conditioning services and what they include; while all contractors provide the very basic services, the best contractors will offer extra services like repairs and preventative HVAC maintenance. For instance, seek a contractor who will change your system’s filter every three months as professionally recommended. Be wary of those contractors who want to do the bare minimum and leave you to cater to any emergencies that come up.

Equally important, your service provider should be friendly and cooperative. Ideally, they should be able to explain clearly any potential problems with your HVAC and the best solutions for them.

4. Reputation

There are several viable ways you can check the reputation of an HVAC company, one of them being reaching out to previous customers and reading customer reviews and testimonials. Some important questions to ask during your research include:

  •    Did they complete the services on time and within budget?
  •    Did the company respect your property during service?
  •    Did technicians help in cleaning up the mess after work was completed?
  •    Did technicians test the system after installation or repair?

You may also consider doing a search on the Better Business Bureau website to see how the company is ranked as well as reviews from customers. Other websites like Yelp and Google reviews can equally be helpful in conducting further scrutiny on the company you intend to contract.

5. Contractor licensing and experience

When it comes to one of the most expensive investments you have in your home, working with an experienced contractor should be a top priority. It is imperative that your choice of service provider is properly trained to work with your system and holds the right licensing to show that they have worked for the required amount of time to handle such jobs.

Additionally, check to see that the team working on your system has the experience, certifications, and affiliations necessary to work with HVACs. An up-to-date license guarantees that the individual has the training and capacity to use advanced industry tools and techniques.

6. Home evaluation

When installing a new HVAC system, a good contractor should visit your home for an evaluation to determine the right system for you. They should ideally advise you on the best size and model that will work best for you, as well as the pros and cons of each. As they conduct their evaluation, ask any question you might have so that you can have a clearer understanding of what is really required for the installation to be smooth. This is essential to help you make the most informed decision and weigh your options.

7. Guarantees on service provided

You sure don’t want to work with a contractor who will disappear once the job is complete, a reason to make sure your HVAC company of choice offers a guarantee for the work done. For instance, they should be able to offer a reasonable warranty, assurance that they will attend to emergencies for free or at a subsidized cost, offer online tracking, and so on.

Be sure to ask your service provider how they intend to stand behind their work beyond the initial period of service provision. Being knowledgeable about these and other issues ensures you are better positioned to choose an HVAC company that works best for you.

The takeaway

An HVAC system is an integral part of your home, and you should therefore take good care of it by choosing a contractor wisely. A good contractor will ensure your system remains functional for long enough, which saves you unnecessary costs a long way, so don’t be in a hurry when shopping for an HVAC company.

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