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The Ultimate Spring HVAC Checklist

Just like your car, your home’s central air conditioning needs regular turn-ups. Cleaning your HVAC unit periodically ensures that the entire system runs optimally, preventing the need to repair a broken air conditioner. Given that half of your energy bills involve cooling and heating your home, each tune-up helps you save hundreds of dollars annually, not to mention lowering the risk of expensive breakdowns. A spring HVAC checklist is the perfect way to stay on track.

Because of the cool weather you enjoy in spring, it’s a great time to maintain and prepare both your indoor HVAC system and outdoor air conditioning for the long summer ahead. Check out this spring HVAC checklist for your system to ensure that everything runs smoothly on your end before the hot months set in.

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Spring HVAC Checklist for an Indoor System

1. Replace Your Air Filters

If your air conditioner fails to turn on, your air filters could be dirty. When dirty, air filters limit airflow through the cooling system, causing it to work harder, reducing energy efficiency. Always make sure to check your filters monthly to remove debris and dirt from blocking your HVAC equipment as you replace faulty ones. Also, clean or replace every three months accordingly.

You can test whether your filters are working by holding each against the light and assessing the amount of light that passes through. If little or no light is passing through any of them, it means that it’s clogged and needs immediate cleaning or replacing. Newer air conditioning system models will automatically shut down once the air filters become overly clogged. To avoid forgetting to perform this essential task, set phone reminders or mark your calendar. You could also write the replacement date on the filter for ease of remembering.

2. Clean Dirty Doors and Windows

When was the last time you gave your windows and doors a good scrub? If your windows are dirty, dust, allergens, and mold can find a breeding ground. Wash them up as you get ready for the sun to shine through them for some much-needed warmth in summer. Natural warmth can be a brilliant cost-effective alternative to adjusting the heat up by a few degrees.

A purifier can also work wonders in getting rid of germs, mold, and allergens, leaving your home with cleaner and fresher air. As you clean, inspect the seals around your windows and doors. Replace any old or damaged seals to prevent drafts and leaks for the overall comfort of your home.

3. Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

If you haven’t already, upgrade to a smart thermostat. A smart thermostat is great for saving up on energy costs and keeping the HVAC system working less when the temperature is comfortable. Even though a manual thermostat can work perfectly fine, a smart thermostat will keep your home’s temperature comfortable throughout. If you don’t know how to install a programmable thermostat, contact a professional technician to come and install one for you before summer.

4. Ensure all Electrical Connections are Working Properly

If your electrical wiring is faulty, the whole HVAC system becomes unsafe while also reducing the lifespan of individual components. You must check the entire electrical system before running the cooling and heating system. However, home electrical troubleshooting can often be dangerous, so we recommend seeking the services of a professional.

Cleaning floor registers HVAC maintenance5. Clean Ceiling Air Vents and Turn on Fans

Ceiling fans are great for circulating fresh air around the home before the air conditioning starts running in summer. Vacuum the vents up to remove accumulated dust before washing them with warm, soapy water without making a mess.

6. Clean Your Floor Registers

Imagine all the pet hair, dirt, and other debris that has accumulated for months around your home. Clean your floor registers by first dusting them before wiping them with warm, soapy water. Remember to reinstall them once they are dry and check to ensure that they are open to allow for airflow.

Spring HVAC Checklist for an Outdoor Unit

1. Clean Around Your Air Conditioner

A lot of filth and debris may have accumulated around your air conditioning unit during winter. Remove all the debris around the unit and clean it up while looking out for pests that may have found a home in your A/C unit during the cold weather.

2. Check the A/C Unit Drain Line

Over the months, your air conditioner generates excess moisture and drains it away through a hose-like line. This is usually part of the cooling process. Look out for water flowing from the drain line once you turn on the conditioner and allow it to run for some time. Usually, it’s just a tiny amount of water. However, if nothing is coming out after a while, then your drain line could be clogged.

Schedule a Professional Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Scheduling an air conditioning tune-up will achieve all the spring HVAC checklist items that you can’t do by yourself. Activities that a professional technician will do include:

  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Clearing and cleaning the condensate drain line
  • Tightening and repairing faulty electrical connections
  • Checking the refrigerant level etc.

It’s important to schedule the furnace tune-up in the fall and the professional air conditioning tune-up in spring. An annual HVAC tune-up can help improve comfort and air quality at home, reduce breakdowns, lower energy costs, and prolong the lifespan of your system as you enjoy valid manufacturer warranties.

While you might be busy, it’s crucial to find some time and incorporate this spring checklist into your routine home maintenance practice. The few extra minutes and effort can help protect your heating and cooling system in addition to saving you a ton of money.

A thorough HVAC inspection and maintenance allows your system to run smoothly throughout the hot season. At Aquarius Home Services, you’ll enjoy unparalleled professionalism and customer service, a task that we’ve been excellent at for decades. Enjoy pocket-friendly quotes on expert air conditioning repairs and installations, among other services. Contact us today for all your HVAC system needs and get your system in top shape and running again in no time.

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