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Many homeowners in Woodbury, MN, are familiar with plumbing issues that can wreak havoc in their bathrooms and kitchens. From a leaking faucet to a frozen or broken pipe to clogged toilets, there are many plumbing problems to deal with, each more vexing than the last. While you may be tempted to fix the issue on your own, we’d strongly advise you to call an experienced plumber to resolve the issue.
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Aquarius Home Services provide a wide variety of plumbing services. You can call us for emergency services if you have leaky pipes, clogged drains, blocked toilets, or any other kind of plumbing issue. We also provide air conditioning and heating repair services. Call us now.

Our Woodbury Plumbing Services

We install and service the following:

5 Signs Your Water Heater Needs To Be Repaired Or Replaced

The water heater is a necessity in Woodbury, MN, considering the harsh winters that the region experiences. But imagine not getting hot water from your shower when the cold is at its peak? This is a major sign of failing water heaters. Here are some clear-cut indicators that your old water heater needs to be either replaced or repaired.

Lukewarm Water

If your shower is only providing lukewarm water despite the hot water tank in place, there is something wrong with the tank. Check the tank settings to see if the temperature has been set to the desired level.

The hot water tank could sometimes fail to warm up the water because of an unusually low temperature outside. If neither of these things is the case, it’s best to call a professional plumbing service to have them check the heater. Aquarius Home Services provides plumbing repairs in Woodbury, MN. You can give us a service call if the issue persists.

Hot Water Doesn't Last Long

If the hot water from the heater turns cold while it’s still running, it could suggest a plumbing issue. It’s likely that one of the important components within the device has broken. If the issue is beyond repair, then you would have to replace the unit with a new water heater.

Aquarius Home Service provides exceptional service in Woodbury, MN for installation of a new unit, or repair of the old one. You can call us if you have a plumbing emergency.

The Heater Leaks

It’s very common for the hot water tank to leak and cause damage to the house. A leaky tank should never be ignored because it can pave the way for mold growth. Even if the leak appears to be minor, it should never be overlooked. Call professional Woodbury plumbing services immediately as soon as you detect the leak.


Strange Noises Coming From the Unit

If your hot water tank is making strange noises, it could be due to hardened sediment collected at the bottom of the tank. If so, you need to have it checked because the sediment can impede the proper functioning of the heater. If you ignore the issue for too long, it could cause lasting damage to the heater.

One of the important signs of this issue is the rattling or clanging noise that the heater makes when there is hardened sediment in the system due to prolonged exposure to heat. If you hear any such sound from the unit, call for local plumbing technicians immediately, and have them inspect the unit.

Rust-Colored Water

If you turn on your shower or faucet and rusty water flows out, it’s likely that your heater has rusted or that the pipes have corroded. In either case, rusty water is not something you should ignore. As soon as you detect this issue, it’s vital to call professionals as quickly as possible to fix the problem.

If you live in Woodbury, you can call Aquarius Home Services to install a hot water tank or repair the old one. We can also lay new pipes if that’s what’s causing the rusty water.

Aquarius Home Services - Plumber Woodbury, MN

Aquarius Home Services provides a full range of plumbing services in Woodbury. From plumbing repair, replacement, and installation, you can expect our team to provide you with quality work and great service to your home’s plumbing system. Apart from repairing and replacing hot water tanks, we also offer a water filtration service. You simply cannot compromise with the quality of water in your home if you care about the health of your family. We understand this and take thorough steps to ensure that you only get clean water in your home.

We also provide regular maintenance service too. If you want to get a quote on our service, call us today. We keep our rates affordable so the average household can use our services. You can also request the following services from our company:

  • Repair, replacement, and installation ofl air conditioners
  • Repair or replacement of furnaces
  • Electrical repair and installation
  • Electrical wiring and installation

Contact us now to schedule a home visit. You can also call us for an emergency plumbing service in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I have my plumbing inspected?

If you don’t pay attention to your plumbing’s upkeep, you could have some expensive repairs on your hands. Not to mention, unchecked plumbing issues can have serious health hazards as well, particularly mold growth, which can be disastrous for your lungs. This is why you should have your home’s plumbing inspected at least once every two years, if not more. Though, once a year would prove to be more beneficial. 

What are some common plumbing issues?

Some of the issues that are common in household plumbing are –

  • Leaking faucets and showerheads 
  • Leaky pipes
  • Running toilers
  • Clogged toilets and drains
  • Low water pressure in the showerhead or faucets 
  • Problems with the hot water tank 
  • Cracked or broken pipes

What do most plumbers charge per hour?

Most plumbers charge on an hourly basis, regardless of the plumbing job. Apart from the expenses on plumbing fixtures for the repair or replacement job, a plumber could charge $70 to $120 per hour. 

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