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Minnesota can see staggeringly low-temperature during the winter months. This makes installing or repairing a heating system essential to beat the chill. However, your furnace will experience wear and tear after rigorous use. You can bring life back into your heater by consulting a repair service company.

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Aquarius Home Services is an HVAC heating service company in St Paul, Minnesota that has been working and thriving in the industry for decades. We opened our center in Little Canada in 1987, and over the years, we have successfully managed to keep our customers warm during those ghastly winter nights. We operate 24/7 and can arrive even on short notice. If you’re facing any issue with your home’s furnace or indoor air quality or require installation service, contact us immediately.

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Common Furnace Problems

A furnace can experience different problems. While you may notice none of these during the summers, winters can make these problems hard to ignore, and it’s best to know some repair tips. Here are some of the most common issues associated with furnaces:

Inadequate maintenance

Any appliance requires regular maintenance; the same is the case with HVAC systems. Prolonged neglect and inadequate care can prompt the heating device to act up. This is why scheduling maintenance and inspection is crucial if you own a furnace. The routine inspection done by trained and experienced HVAC technicians from Aquarius Home Services can detect issues before it spirals out of control and prevents the need to replace the heating device.

Unclean filters:

After regular use, the furnace’s filters get clogged and become dirty. This can reduce the airflow and impede the proper circulation of the system. A clogged or dirty filter could also pose health issues and lead to deteriorating air quality.

Insufficient heating:

One of the most common and most annoying problems associated with furnaces is insufficient heating. Imagine chattering teeth, cold spots around the house, and not getting enough warmth from the system whose sole purpose is to keep you warm. In some cases, the furnace does not provide any heat at all. This could happen due to problems with the power, gas, or thermostat’s setting. Insufficient heating could also be a result of the wrong furnace size and power for the house.

Noisy furnace:

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We want our heating and HVAC system and cooling systems to be as quiet as possible. This is one of the reasons why some of us simply cannot put up with a loud or noisy furnace. If you’re dealing with this issue, you need to call for HVAC service.

If you ignore such heating problems for far too long, then you would be forced to replace the furnace with another one, which would prove to be far costlier than a repair. Aquarius home service is a center of furnace repair, St. Paul, which provides furnace and heating repair services at affordable rates. We’re just one call away.

Furnace Repair Services Offered By Us

Having been in the business in St. Paul for decades, we have repaired countless heating systems. Whether furnace repair, regular maintenance of heating equipment, or installation of a new furnace, our company deals with it all in St. Paul. We have a fixed modus operandi and stick to our protocol to ensure that our customers get complete satisfaction from furnace repairs and central air conditioning services. This is how we at Aquarius Home Services operate:

Schedule an appointment

Once we receive a heating repair request from a customer in St Paul, we schedule an appointment for a home visit. We choose a time that is suitable for both the customer and our professionals. With the 24/7 service, you can call us anytime, on any day, and we’ll be there to cater to your needs. After listening to the problems you’re facing with your home’s or office’s heating device, we form a team and dispatch them as soon as possible. Keeping in mind the standard operating procedures, all our HVAC services professionals in Saint Paul follow the state guidelines regarding the same.

Inspect the furnace

Our HVAC technicians will inspect the appliance and detect the heating and other problems that need addressing. We will check the insides and outsides of the device and its technical and physical aspects before giving the customer our diagnosis on the matter. Based on the diagnosis, we will provide a heating repair estimate to you.

Begin repairing and fixing the heating problem

Once an agreement is reached between you and us, our professionals will begin repairing your furnace. Our HVAC company uses all the latest tools and devices available in St. Paul to fix the heating problem that has erupted in any kind of HVAC system. We pay attention to all the issues about the installation and maintenance and try to ensure that your furnace doesn’t experience any more problems in the near future. To have us begin repairing your heating repair system in Saint Paul, schedule a consultation with us now. We also provide installation services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does furnace repair include?

Depending upon the diagnosis of your technicians, furnace repair can include the repair of specific components of the device, including the air intake grilles and the vent system. This allows us to remove any blockage and allow a free flow of air. Another thing that may require repairing is the heat exchanger. This would prevent any corrosion or damage from occurring within the heating system.

How much does it cost to repair it?

The cost of furnace repair varies depending upon several things, including the extent of repair and the time it may take to get the job done. Other variables are taken into account as well. However, on average, you can expect the device repair to cost somewhere between $131 and $478. Again, this figure may vary depending on the service provider and the region you live in as well.

How do you maintain a heating system?

You can maintain a furnace by regularly cleaning the filter and replacing it when need be. Other ways of maintaining it are to reduce your home’s heating load and ensure that no flammable items are kept near the device. Also, ensure that the blower motor is working as expected.

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