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Furnaces have a limited lifespan and will break down after a few years due to wear and tear or poor maintenance. It’s important to inspect your furnace regularly, but even then, you’d have to get it repaired at some point if you’ve been using it for a long time.

Aquarius Home Services provides a full range of furnace repair services to residents of Baxter, MN and Brainerd, MN. We also install and replace furnaces if a heating system is beyond repair. You can contact us for our furnace services, or to schedule an inspection.

Common Furnace Problems

Furnaces are prone to several problems which should not be neglected, however minor they are. At the first sign of a furnace issue, contact Aquarius Home Services. Here are some common furnace problems to look out for.

Inadequate maintenance

After frequent use, your furnace could start acting up, especially if it doesn’t get regular maintenance. Experts suggest scheduling furnace inspections and maintenance at least once a year, if not every six months. If you fail to do the bare minimum, your furnace will likely experience several mechanical issues. You’d then be forced to pay for repairs or replacement, which could prove to be more expensive than simple maintenance. Aquarius Home Services can provide furnace repair and maintenance services for Baxter, MN residents and their neighbors in Brainerd, MN too.

Wear and tear

Your furnace could also suffer issues due to wear and tear. Overheating, heat control, and airflow problems are quite common in furnaces over time. However, this doesn’t mean that you’d have to replace the furnace. With timely repairs, you could get a few more years out of the furnace before replacing it. A furnace expert could inspect the system and determine whether repairs would be enough. Call us for an inspection today.

Dirty filters

The filters of your furnace can get clogged after extensive use. Clogged filters can cause all sorts of problems, one of which is reduced airflow. If that happens, your furnace would have to work harder to keep you warm, which can increase your energy bills if you don’t take timely action.

A clogged filter could also damage the limit switch. You can replace a dirty filter yourself, but if it causes any damage to the system, you would have to call a professional.

Inadequate heating

If your furnace is not heating as it used to, then there could be a problem with the thermostat setting, gas, power supply, or pilot light. Before you call in the experts, make sure that the thermostat settings have not been tampered with.

Adjust the thermostat and see if the furnace is heating properly. You can also try replacing the battery of the thermostat and see if it was the battery that was the problem. If the issue persists, then there could be a mechanical glitch that only professionals can fix.

Noisy furnace

All furnaces produce some noise, but it’s easy to differentiate between the default sound of the unit and one that suggests that something is wrong. If your furnace produces squeaking, rattling, or rumbling noises, there could be a mechanical issue that needs to be addressed. Usually, these sounds are signs of a clogged burner and reduced airflow. In any case, it’s best if you let professionals inspect the unit and repair it.

Aquarius Home Services Baxter, MN

Aquarius Home Services has been repairing, replacing, and installing the HVAC systems of homeowners in Baxter, MN and neighboring Brainerd, MN for years. We are trusted by many when it comes to heating and cooling system repairs, plumbing services, electrician services, and more. We can quickly respond to your emergency calls to resolve any furnace issues that crop up.

We provide a full range of heating services, including furnace installation, repair and replacement, ductless heating and cooling, and installation of whole house humidifiers to keep the air in your house comfortable. We can also gauge the indoor air quality of your home and take measures to purify it if necessary. Schedule an inspection with us now for furnace repair services in Baxter, MN or Brainerd, MN.

We also provide the following services in Minnesota and Wisconsin:

  • Air conditioner repair
  • Water heater installation and repair
  • Plumbing services
  • Water conditioning
  • Electrical repair
  • Electrical wiring
  • Electrical panels

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does furnace cleaning or repair cost?

The repair costs for the furnace depends on the cause of the problem and the kind of furnace you own. On average, these repairs can cost about $307. Anything between $131 and $484 is not uncommon. While electrical furnace repairs shouldn’t cost more than $300, the repair costs for gas furnaces can range from $375 to $1,200 due to the complexities involved in fixing these furnaces.

How to know if you should repair or replace your furnace?

Usually, if the system is less than fifteen years old, it would be best to have it repaired, if possible. If any furnace above that age needs extensive repairs, then it’s best to install a new one. However, before deciding anything, it’s best to consult the experts at Aquarius Home Services.

Do you repair furnaces in St. Paul?

Aquarius offers expert furnace repair in the St. Paul area. We have an office located just a few miles away in Little Canada and can service the entire city.