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Furnace Installation in Minneapolis

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With the temperatures dwindling to negative numbers in later parts of the year, home furnace installation in Minneapolis should take top priority. A heater that’s already been in use for 15-20 years needs to be replaced. Older furnaces tend to gradually lose energy efficiency and end up being the reason for significantly higher utility bills.

Furnace Installation Services

With the help of a new furnace, you have the option to get the latest technology installed that provides better performance while maintaining savings in electricity and reducing the need for frequent repairs. Aquarius Home Services offers flawless and professional furnace installations. We are available 24/7, have a transparent pricing model, and guarantee quality and timely service – these are just some of the reasons why we are the top-rated HVAC experts in Minneapolis, MN.

Deciding When to Replace or Install a Furnace

If a furnace has been properly maintained, it can last up to 20 years. In most cases, heating systems do not suddenly stop working due to an issue. Over time, you can observe that if there is an increase in maintenance and operating costs, it is time to replace your furnace. In some cases, mere repairs can also extend the life of the furnace. Aquarius Home Services always recommends the most effective and practical solution for you to ensure that you and your family are always comfortable.

Here are a few signs that your furnace needs replacing:

  • It frequently needs to be repaired
  • Higher utility bills
  • High maintenance cost
  • Low performance and decreased heating
  • Cold spots in your home
  • Foul smell from the furnace
  • Loud noise emanating from the furnace
  • Decreasing indoor air quality

If any of these signs are present, the best you can do is call a professional to correct the situation. If your heating system is not performing as per expectations, we diagnose the issue, explain the situation to you and provide you with a quote.

Increase Comfort

Save Money & Energy

Prevent Breakdowns

Increase Lifespan

What to Expect During a New Furnace Installation

Using furnace replacement services can be daunting to some. Here are some pointers on what you can expect during the installation so that you can prepare in advance:

Sizing Up the Space

The first step in furnace installations is sizing up the space where the new heating system will be fitted. Our licensed technician will visit your home to evaluate the equipment needed and the installation process. We will take the required measurements to verify the correct size for your HVAC system. Every job is different, and where your home is concerned, we ensure that we figure out ways around tricky problems beforehand. 

Optimizing Airflow & Sealing Ducts 

Even if your heating equipment is the best in class, it will not perform to its true potential until the ducts are sealed properly. All the heat will escape to the outside, and you will soon be confused as to why your newly installed heating furnace is costing you more than the previous one. 

Our experienced technicians check for duct leakages and remedy any damage to ensure that the furnace is efficient. We also ensure that the system has proper airflow to take care of your heating needs.


Usually, one of the first questions our clients ask is, how much time is the furnace installation going to take? From our experience, the furnace installation process takes about a day, and you definitely do not need to hang around. Aquarius Home Services’ team comprises trustworthy experts who are vetted and hold a good reputation in the industry. They make sure to uphold our organization’s high ethical standards.

However, the only downside is that while we install the new furnace system, the heating is going to be disconnected. Depending upon any complications encountered, it may be a few hours before the new furnace is up and running.

Types of Furnaces We Install

Our technicians are trained in the installation of all types of heating systems. Below are some of the most popular choices for heating in Minneapolis that people prefer to install in their homes:

Gas Furnaces

A gas furnace is durable, efficient, and perfect for the freezing temperatures in Minneapolis, MN. It operates through central air ducts, and as the gas furnace heats the air, it flows through the ducts into different rooms. It is a popular choice because it is affordable, and we are adept at the installation of all types of gas furnaces.  

Electric Furnaces 

Aptly named, an electric furnace runs on electricity and has also gotten quite popular as of late. The air is heated through electricity and then distributed through ducts. It is usually smaller and affordable and is preferred by people who have limited space.

While these two are most requested for installation in the Minneapolis area, Aquarius Home Services can also replace or install single-stage and two-stage heating furnaces, propane furnaces, and natural gas furnaces.

New Furnace Installation, Minneapolis, MN

Commercial and residential clients have entrusted Aquarius Home Services to provide professional consultation on HVAC systems and carry out furnace installations and repairs. We train and oversee our technicians to ensure they deliver quality service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

New Furnace Installation

However, our work is not limited to furnace replacement in Minneapolis; we also excel in speedy furnace repairs that can prolong the life of your furnace while saving you cash. We always work in tandem with our clients to ensure that we are on the same page. Our priority is to get the job done professionally and to your satisfaction. 

We understand the technological advancements and continuously train our team to ensure they are up-to-date on all the recent furnace models in the market. Our rigorous training also ensures that if you are encountering any heating issues, we are able to help you over the phone until we can visit your home to take a closer look at the issue. 

You can count on our team to be honest and upfront. After giving you our quote, Aquarius Home Services will never pile on additional charges or hidden fees. We offer competitive and fair rates to ensure that everyone can enjoy a warm home. 

If you are interested in a furnace installation or repair, we’re ready for you! Call Aquarius Home Services to discuss your needs and get an estimate of the costs. The price you pay for our services is quickly offset by lower utility bills and higher efficiency of your heating system.

What Do We Offer?

  • We are big on transparency. We offer an upfront quote after inspecting the premises. You don’t have to pay anything more than we quoted. 
  • We are available 24/7 to hear out your queries and to be there in any emergencies.
  • We offer sound advice and have the experience of carrying out countless successful furnace installations in Minneapolis. 
  • We will never offer you something that isn’t required or necessary.
  • We offer flexible scheduling options and visit only when your schedule accommodates our service.
  • We guarantee that your house will be warm and heated at the end of the day we start working. 

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