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Electrical Problems

Electrical issues are extremely common and should only be fixed by professionals. Whether it is an outlet replacement, wiring, rewiring, lighting installation, repair, or anything electrical-related, calling for professional help for electrical problems is advisable.
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If you’re facing any issue with your home’s electric setup, consult Aquarius Home Services for electrical service. We provide skilled electricians in Saint Paul, MN. Our team comprises rigorously trained, experienced, and highly professional electricians. Regardless of what electric issue you are facing in your home or office, our team can detect the problem and get down to fixing the hitches once an agreement is reached between us.

If you need an electrician, schedule an appointment with us today to get started. We provide all types of electrical services.

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Common Electrical Problems

If you own a lot of electric appliances and have wiring, chances are you encounter electric problems regularly. Here are some common electrical issues that you could face:

  • Electrical surges 
  • Wiring problem
  • Switches not functioning correctly or not working at all
  • Circuit overload 
  • Shocks for no apparent reason 
  • Burning light bulbs 
  • Sparks in switches and other components
  • Flickering lights 

These are only a few of the electric problems that occur in homes; the list goes on. Contact Aquarius Home Services, a professional electrical services provider in Saint Paul, MN, if you are dealing with an issue.

What Services We Offer

Aquarius Home Services company offers all kinds of electrical services at affordable rates. Here are the electrical needs that we specialize in.

Wiring service:

Proper networking of wires ensures that your house does not experience any electrical problems, including loose electric panel connections, damaged panels, ground faults, or multiple issues associated with poor electrical wiring. We understand the need to put proper wiring in place, keeping in mind the safety standards of residential areas. Whether you’ve just moved into a new home or are facing wire network issues, our fully licensed electrician will get the job done without a hitch. We also perform rewiring electrical services.

Outdoor and indoor lighting service:

Proper lighting can change the game. With a vibrant lighting system installed both outdoors and indoors, you can create the illusion of more open space, a welcoming atmosphere, and impress guests. However, you’d need a competent professional with extensive experience in this line of work for this job.

Our electrical services company has been doing lighting jobs all across St. Paul for years. Whether you want a new lighting system installed or want to repair an existing one, contact our electrical contractors and get the electrical work done at affordable rates. While we don’t provide landscape lighting, we install outdoor outlets and structure lighting. We also provide the light fixture and light switch repair in the bathroom and kitchen and ceiling fan repair services.

Even if you require lights under or over your cabinet, or require LED upgrades, our professionals in Saint Paul will take care of all these services without a hitch.

Electrical panel service:

An electric panel is a hub for all the electrical functions at your home. A defunct panel or one that is not working properly can prove to be hazardous. Thus, if you notice it acting up in any way, the issue should not be ignored. Call professionals immediately. More often than not, it could be more serious than you could’ve anticipated. Any sparking or short-circuit could lead to fire, damage to property, and physical harm in darkness.

Our fully licensed professionals in St. Paul, MN can install new electric panels, fix the old ones, and replace the ones that require replacing. Additionally, we can also rewire the system if need be.

Surge protection service:Photo of electrician

Surge protection service is important if you want to protect your home’s appliances from damages due to high voltage surges in Saint Paul, MN. Surge protectors can help increase the lifespan of electronics, which makes them all the more important. We provide optimum surge protection to many commonly-used electric appliances, including TVs, computers, AV equipment, and a few other electronics in St. Paul. Once the protection is tightened, your devices will remain protected against power surges.

Why You Should Choose Us

Based in Saint Paul, MN, Aquarius Home Services believes in the utmost transparency between the customers and the company. We work with complete integrity and hold customer satisfaction in the highest regard. We make the terms of our services clear beforehand, and even inform you of how much it will cost you. These bits of information will help you make an informed decision.

Our electrical services company also provides maintenance plans in St. Paul, MN, that you can check out. Not only does our company deal with electric issues in St. Paul, but it also solves plumbing and HVAC problems. Whether it’s a repair, installation, or replacement, you can count on us to get all the electrical needs, including heating, cooling, and ventilation jobs done.

When you need a dependable electrician, contact us for reliable service in Saint Paul.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire an electrician?

Electricians have the knowledge and the expertise to work around electric equipment. Electricity is a dangerous element, and people with no knowledge in this field of work should not take matters into their own hands and try to fix an electric issue, which is quite common these days. This is why, if you see any electricity malfunctioning at play in your house, hire a service professional and do not touch anything electric until help arrives.

Is it illegal to wire your own house?

Several times, people tend to perform the service of wiring their house on their own. This is extremely dangerous on many levels. This is why, in some regions, it is even illegal to do the wiring of your own house. Not only do you put yourself in danger, but also your family members and your neighbors. While the idea of saving a few bucks by doing this task on your own may seem enticing at first, the hazards associated with it are enormous. Seeking electrical service is imperative.

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