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At Aquarius Home Services, your electrician Minneapolis repair specialists, all of our technicians are highly trained in electrical repairs, security, and lighting. We are also experts at knob and tube replacement, lighting design planning, and full-home installations of electrical systems. We are fully dedicated to providing all homeowners with excellent electrical services in the Twin Cities metro area and are committed to getting the job done right the first time.

We are ready to carry out any electrical wiring repair or lighting installation. We know you want results that are functional, beautiful, and, most of all, within your budget. When you need a Minneapolis electrical contractor, make sure to call Aquarius Home Services, we offer the best Minneapolis electricians in the Twin Cities area for residential and commercial clients.

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Give us a call to take care of all your electrical issues. We can come to your home or business and diagnose the problem you are dealing with. Our technicians are ready to perform all electrical projects for you and guarantee excellent results with every visit. All electrical materials we use for every installation are the finest ones available because we treat every project as if it was our own.

The Way We Work

Aquarius Home Services in Minneapolis, MN is proud to offer all customers high-quality electrical service, no matter how small or large the project is. In addition, we offer the following guarantees:

  • We are always on time
  • We offer same-day reliable services by a licensed electrician
  • Our trucks come to you fully stocked with thousands of parts, ready to do the work
  • We offer straightforward prices with no surprises or hidden costs
  • All of our technicians in the Twin Cities metro area are uniformed for easy identification
  • We use floor mats and protective shoe covers to keep your home clean
  • We have many years of experience in Minneapolis, MN

Problems with Electrical Outlets

When you think about electrical problems in the Twin Cities metro area, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to plug in a device that has run out of power only to find out that the outlet closest to you is not working. It is even more frustrating when you plug your phone charger in at night only to realize that your phone isn’t charged in the morning. This could happen for several reasons like:

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Your Outlet Has Burned

When you try to insert a cord into an outlet only to see it popping with sparks, don’t try to fix the issue yourself. This could happen because the wire insulation has melted, which is dangerous because a sudden flare can burn it completely, making it appear blackened around the plug. Stop using this outlet and give us a call. You risk causing an electrical fire that can affect a large portion of the electrical installation and risk the entire house.

Tripped Circuit Breaker

When circuit breakers trip, some of them may stop working. Start by trying to reset any breakers on your panel that are off. If this does not give you the desired result, give us a call.

Blocked Cord Plugs

If the outlet you are trying to use feels blocked when you plug in your device, don’t try to force it in. There may be an obstruction blocking the socket, a child safety feature, or a broken piece of plastic causing the blockage. A licensed electrician is needed to address any blockage. Any electrical system malfunction represents a hazard for everyone in your home. Immediately seek electrical services from the Aquarius Home Services electricians in Minneapolis, MN. We will stop by your house or place of business and fix the problem immediately.

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

In many cases, repairing or rebuilding your panel can be more cost-effective than a breaker panel replacement. When you need top-quality repairs, maintenance on circuit breakers, modifications, or a rebuild of your panel, your local electricians can take care of all your electrical needs for you.

When you need an entire panel upgrade, it may be because you have just swapped out your appliances or added more electronic devices, and your current panel may not have sufficient power available to handle the additional demand. Our electricians in Minneapolis and the Twin Cities can easily take care of it for you and will also take care of upgrading your meter socket and wire size between panel and meter. Also, if you have problems with breakers overheating, you may require a panel change out. With this, you can alleviate any existing issues.

Lighting Services

At Aquarius Home Service, our electrical service includes free lighting design consultation for your entire home, including all light switches, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and any other elements you wish to incorporate. We always offer high-quality services and start by learning about your objectives and integrating your ideas in a functional and beautiful design.

We will gladly stop by your property and coordinate the project, ensuring that the planned design comes to fruition. We can also program any light fixture control system to your specifications because we understand that lighting is one of the most powerful elements when it comes to interior design. Our electrical service includes whole house surge protection, smoke detectors, and anything related to electricity and power.

The Importance of Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Your Home

At Aquarius Home Services, we have witnessed first-hand the importance of having smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers installed in a home. And if you have them, we can help you make sure that they are working properly and placed where they can best protect your family from fire and carbon monoxide damage. To get your home fully protected, we recommend:

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  • One smoke alarm installed on every floor and in every bedroom.
  • One carbon monoxide alarm installed in every floor and every bedroom.
  • One fire extinguisher on every floor. Additionally, one in the kitchen and one in the garage.

Call Aquarius Home Services for a no-obligation consultation on how to keep your home and your loved ones safe.

Call Aquarius Home Services for All Your Electrical Needs

At Aquarius Home Services, your Minneapolis professional electricians, we handle all types of electrical projects in both residential and commercial settings. We handle problems as small as replacing a smoke detector or as large as troubleshooting a hidden issue with existing wiring, appliance circuits, cable outlets, and more.

We enjoy serving Minneapolis and its surrounding areas by helping our residential and commercial customers. Aquarius Home Services is the first number you need to call whenever you need electrical work done in your home.

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