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Caroline D.
Caroline D.
I am a huge fan of Aquarius Home Services, and every technician we have ever had out to our home has been kind, friendly, informative, helpful, and honest. Today was no different — Nick completed a furnace tune-up, and I learned so much in the process. We have trusted Aquarius with all of our HVAC needs and water filtration, and I will continue to recommend them to anyone who will listen! Thank you, Aquarius!
We have a maintenance contract from Aquarius for our furnaces, air conditioners, water softener and iron filter. Their service people are always so friendly, and go out of their way to take care of our products. They are always on time. With their maintenance program, I don't have to worry about all this equipment. Thanks Aquarius!
luke S.
luke S.
Christopher D.
Christopher D.
Sharon K.
Sharon K.
Tom W.
Tom W.
Outstanding in all respects
Jerry W.
Jerry W.
Professional, respectful and at thi point I trust quality work
Debbie M.
Debbie M.
Nick provided excellent service to our heating and cooling system.
Darice D.
Darice D.
Mark D.
Mark D.
Nick was thorough & professional in assessing our furnace's annual maintenance service. I'd highly recommend Aquarius Home Services & Nick in furnace/AC needs.
Dennis M.
Dennis M.
Nick called ahead to let us know his arrival time. Did s very thorough job and were were very pleased with his work, attitude, attention to detail and professionalism. Both our A/C and furnace checked out fine. We are good to go into another Minnesota winter.
jeffrey J.
jeffrey J.
Major water issues resolved very quickly
S W.
S W.
The technicians are very professional and efficient.
Lorene B.
Lorene B.
Thomas A.
Thomas A.
Punctual and professional

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Water Heater Repair Minnesota

Even though modern water heaters have a lifespan of several years, issues can still occur. That’s why the Aquarius team of experts is available to repair or replace your home’s water heater if it isn’t delivering the hot water needed for your home to function properly or efficiently. 

Every home and family has differing hot water needs, our professional plumbers are trained to assess a home’s demand and recommend the best solution for your specific needs. 

Each of our highly qualified technicians has the training and experience needed to carry out whichever water heater services you are in need of quickly and properly, whether its a simple repair on your existing unit or a brand new water heater installation, we’ll have your water heater up and running as soon as possible.

Technician fixes your water heater
Aquarius fixes everything with a smile

Our plumbing professionals work with every client to determine whether a water heater should be repaired or fully replaced. We provide every one of our clients with all the information needed to make an informed decision before we start work in your utility room. Your complete satisfaction is always our goal, and that starts with making the right choice when it comes to repairing or updating your home’s hot water heater.

How Long Should Water Heaters Last?

On average, water heaters work perfectly normal for at least ten years without significant issues developing, but their lifespan greatly depends on how well and how frequently they’re serviced, the mineral content in the water, condition of the water entering your house from either a well or municipal source, and the overall quality of the water heater. 

If you’re unsure of how old your home’s water heater is or whether it’s been properly serviced, take the time now to have the Aquarius team come out to evaluate the existing water heater and provide routine maintenance services as well as a comprehensive report on the status of your home’s water heater. 

Aquarius provides local and reliable services for any water heater repairs or replacement, whether you have a tankless water heater or a standard tank water heater.

What Problems are Common with Water Heaters in the Twin Cities?

The water in Minneapolis and Saint Paul tends to have a high mineral content that causes several issues with your home’s water-using appliances, including your water heater. Our technicians are knowledgeable of the issues found in different parts of the metro area and work with clients to determine how to resolve those problems. Here are just a few of the problems our clients routinely experience.

Homeowner has a broken water heater
Don't let a broken water heater ruin your day. Call Aquarius

Gas Valve and Burner Issues

Any problem with the burner system needs to be addressed and repaired as quickly as possible, as there are safety issues as well as a lack of hot water to contend with and we know how horrible a cold shower can be.

Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve Problems

Water heaters are equipped with special valves to allow excess pressure to escape in a controlled and safe way. If a pressure relief valve fails, leaks can occur or pressure builds up in the tank. Both problems should be addressed quickly to avoid serious damage to the water heater or your home. Our technicians always check pressure relief valves during routine maintenance service calls to insure they are relieving excess pressure in a safe manner.

Thermostat Failure

When the thermostat on a water heater fails, homeowners commonly see water that’s too hot, not hot enough, and even cold. This type of repair is quite common and is quickly dealt with by our team of water heater experts.

Of course, other problems occur as well, and they might not all be a simple repair. Drain valves may need replacing, electric heating elements may fail, and tankless water heaters have their own unique maintenance and repair requirements. We’re always ready to address any type of water heater problem you experience.

Reviewing city codes is a priority
Technician checks that all code requirements are met

Types of Water Heaters Our Team Members Work On

At one point, virtually all water heaters in the region included a storage tank with water heated by gas or electricity. Those heaters are still commonly used, but newer varieties of water heaters are now routinely recommended by plumbers, like tankless. Here are the types of water heaters the Aquarius team has experience installing and servicing.

  • Tank
  • Tankless Unit
  • Electric Tanks
  • Electric with Heat Pumps
  • Atmospheric Gas, Powervent

Many homeowners don’t know which type of water heater they have, which isn’t an issue. We’re always prepared to maintain, repair, or replace all types of water heaters used in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding communities.

Brands Our Team Works On

Our plumbing professionals have undergone extensive training and routinely work on all water heater brands commonly seen in the Twin Cities area. These brands include:

water heater brands we work on

When we visit your home for water heater maintenance and repairs, we’ll have the parts required to fix the most common water heater problems. That means your hot water supply can be restored quickly and your water heater will be providing hot water in no time.

Aquarius Technician fixes broken water heater with ease
We can fix your water heater with ease

When Should a Water Heater Be Replaced?

There is no single answer to that question, as there are several signs to consider when evaluating the need to replace a home’s water heater. Here are just a few indications that replacing a water heater should be considered.

The cost of repairs is too great.

In some cases, the combined costs of parts and labor will approach the cost of installing a brand new water heater. The Aquarius team will never recommend replacing a water heater if doing so is unnecessary, but we’ll certainly let you know when replacing a water heater would be prudent.

An existing water heater doesn’t provide enough hot water to efficiently support the residents of the home.

When your family members are constantly complaining because the hot water supply runs out, updating to a new water heater that delivers a more consistent supply of hot water is recommended. 

Investing in a tankless water heater will provide your home with instant and endless hot water. Our team will evaluate your family’s use and recommend appropriate solutions.

Too much water is wasted waiting for water to heat up and reach the intended area of the home.

In many homes, there is one water heater which supplies hot water to the entire home, and it’s often far from the kitchen or bathrooms. Adding a second water heater often makes sense when countless gallons of water are wasted before hot water even starts to flow or reaches its intended destination. We’ll work with homeowners to determine whether a second water heater is a good idea and determine where it should be located.

Since every home’s needs vary, the Aquarius team always works with clients to evaluate the needs of users and recommend different solutions. Whether that means switching to a different type of water heater or simply installing a larger, more efficient unit, we’re ready to meet your family’s hot water needs.

Why Choose Aquarius for Your Hot Water Needs?

You have lots of options when it comes to choosing a reliable service provider for your home’s hot water needs. However, at Aquarius, we take a variety of steps to ensure you’re always happy with our service. We care about your home and will always treat it with respect.

We won’t leave you with the mess.

Far too many companies fail to clean up after a job is completed. Not us. The Aquarius team members will always make sure we clean up before leaving your home. 

You’ve already experienced enough stress, and we won’t add to that. A stress free home is a happy home.

We will make sure all code requirements are met.

It’s also important that every water heater repair or installation meets all code requirements set by the city and the manufacturer. We’re code compliance experts and will always ensure all codes are met. 

If you have questions about code compliance, feel free to ask our team members what steps we’re taking to guarantee all code requirements are met.

Performance guarantee.

Finally, we’re so sure our professional service is the best around that we provide a performance guarantee. Our team members will gladly spell out the many advantages of that guarantee and why we’re sure you’ll always be happy with our workmanship and customer service, from your first call to getting you on the schedule and finally to completing the call and leaving you with a functioning and effective water heater. 

Having a water heater installed by Aquarius is an experience like no other. Our customers always come first, that’s why we strive to earn the right to be recommended, we want our customers to feel taken care of and confident in their decision of choosing Aquarius. 

Additionally, our professional plumbers are always happy to help with any plumbing issues you might have arise in the future, from clogged drains to water softener repair or installation. Give us a call and schedule service today!