Why You Need A Furnace Tune-Up Before Winter

Hard to believe, but summer is almost over and the fall leaves will be dropping in no time. As the weather cools off, it’s time to think about getting ready for another cold, snowy winter in the Midwest. One of the tasks that you should be considering sooner rather than later is a furnace tune-up. … Read more

Critical Reasons for a Furnace Tune-up

You might take a few things for granted in our modern world of wonders. Twist a sink handle and clean, safe water flows forth. Flick a switch and the room lights up, no flame needed. Arrive home on a cold day and step into a warm…wait – it is freezing in here. A furnace may … Read more

Heating for the Winter – Inspecting and Caring for Your HVAC System

Cold couple wearing jackets on couch

Modern HVAC equipment is well-made and designed to withstand seasonal stresses. However, even the best systems become less efficient over time, and the older units get, the greater the chances of a breakdown. HVAC system failures are always inconvenient, but they can also be dangerous when heating equipment malfunctions in the winter. Homeowners can help … Read more