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3 Ways to Have a More Peaceful Allergy Season in 2022

3 ways to have a more peaceful allergy season

If you suspect that your seasonal allergies have been worse in 2022 than usual, it probably wasn’t just your imagination. This is particularly true if you live here in the Northeast. While allergy season may get you down, you don’t have to stay there. There are definitely some steps you can take to decrease your … Read more

11 Go-To HVAC Companies In Minneapolis, MN (Ranked)

hvac companies in minneapolis roof

Living in Minneapolis means experiencing all four seasons— and that’s why we love it here! But that also means you need to have a solid HVAC system to handle everything from our most bitterly cold days 🥶 to our blistering summer humidity 🥵. That’s why you need a reputable HVAC contractor to help! The hard … Read more

Top Reasons Your AC Isn’t Cooling Your Home

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More than half of the homes in the United States are equipped with an air conditioning system. It’s no surprise that the surplus of air conditioners means a surplus of air conditioner problems. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can check for yourself before calling a professional HVAC company to diagnose and repair … Read more

6 Tips to Get Your AC Ready for a Hot Summer


Summer is just around the corner and the temperatures outside are already starting to climb. Things are heating up, which means it’s the perfect time to do a little bit of maintenance on your central air conditioner and make sure it’s ready to handle the heat. If your air conditioner isn’t ready for the heat … Read more

Consider a Mini-Split for Your Home or Cabin


Would you like to control the humidity and temperature of each room individually? Do you have an addition to your house that needs an HVAC system? Is your home too small to install a central air conditioning system? Then, a mini-split is the best option for you. What is a Mini-Split? A mini-split is a … Read more

Whole-Home Humidifier 101

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How the air quality in your home is set up can profoundly impact your health and comfort. A whole-home humidifier increases the air’s moisture content, making it feel more comfortable and reduces problems caused by dry air, such as static electricity and respiratory issues. What Is a Whole-Home Humidifier? A whole-home humidifier refers to … Read more