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New Air Conditioner Installation St. Paul, MN

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If you need to install a new air conditioner system, look no further than Aquarius Home Services. We offer exceptional installation services to residential customers in Saint Paul, MN. Additionally, our professional technicians will help you select the right air conditioning system to fit your space and budget.


Our experience has put us at the forefront of the AC business, ensuring that your AC unit installation is done properly, meeting your Saint Paul home’s needs and requirements.

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When Do You Need a New Air Conditioner?

The cost of a new HVAC system may seem overwhelming, but it is cheaper than having to constantly repair your current unit. But when do you know to pull the plug on your old AC unit?

If your current HVAC unit is more than 12 years old, you should consider replacing it. If your current unit is in use and the electric bills have significantly increased, your air conditioning is not running properly anymore. If your unit appears to be in poor condition or simply does not cool or heat the house as it used to, ask for a second opinion from an AC technician.

Separately, if you are constantly paying for AC repairs, you should take into account the option of replacing it with a new AC system. At Aquarius Home Services, our dedicated and certified technicians provide top-quality air conditioning services, ensuring the comfort of your home.

Can I Install Air Conditioner St Paul Myself?

Almost 87% percent of U.S homeowners use air conditioning. The most sought-after for accessibility and convenience are central air conditioners. They are, however, complex systems that need proper sizing, installation, and maintenance to ensure long-lasting operation.

You cannot replace your AC unit by yourself, regardless of your knowledge or skills. While you may try to install the air conditioners, you may expose yourself to risk due to all the electrical components.

But if you are still thinking about replacing your old air conditioner or installing a unit that needs refrigeration, you must meet certain certification requirements. You can apply for an EPA certification by paying a fee, but you also must study for and take an exam. When buying refrigerants, you need the same certification card.

If you install your new unit yourself, you risk losing the warranty as it needs to be installed by licensed technicians. Seek assistance from one of our HVAC technicians in St Paul to ensure that you get the right AC units for the size of your home.

At Aquarius Home Services, we provide value-minded service to all residential customers in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Our premier air conditioning services are handled by our skilled and experienced professionals, ensuring that your heating and cooling system will run effectively and efficiently throughout its lifetime.

If you need air conditioning installed in St.Paul, call us today at (612) 474-2450 to enjoy the comfort of an efficient new unit.

How Much Does it Cost to Install a New Air Conditioner?

On average, the cost of replacing a central air conditioner in St.Paul, Minnesota ranges from $3,700 to $12,000. The costs of a replacement depend on many factors, including:


The size of the equipment can affect the price. Normally, an air conditioner’s size is measured in tons, so the larger the unit, the more expensive it is. When choosing the size of your unit, you must think about the size of your home or insulation levels. Moreover, when installing a new HVAC unit, our technicians will do a heat load calculation to determine the right size for your home.

Energy Efficiency

The energy efficiency of an AC system is measured using SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio). So, the higher the SEER, the more energy-efficient and more expensive your AC will be. In Minnesota, you can only buy HVAC systems with a minimum SEER efficiency of 13. However, the SEER can go as high as 21.

Why Should You Choose Aquarius Home Services?

Our technicians will ensure that regardless of your project (be it repair, new installation, or maintenance), it will be done safely, correctly, and on time. We have proudly served Minnesota and Wisconsin areas for three generations. Once you start working with us, you will never have to worry about your air conditioning again.

We understand how vital it is for everyone to be comfortable in their homes or commercial properties. That is why we provide the best air conditioning services so you will never have to think about additional costs or unnecessary repairs.

At Aquarius Home Services, we understand the severe impact of Saint Paul’s fluctuating weather conditions and temperatures on heating and cooling equipment. That is why we ensure that our services will meet and exceed your expectations.

Whether you want a new air conditioner installed in your house property, want to have an old unit repaired, or want us to check and fix the indoor air quality, we promise to do exemplary work. Our affordable air conditioning services make us one of the most sought-after companies in the area.

We also offer 24/7 emergency services. In addition, you can opt for monthly payments to start enjoying the cooling of your HVAC system.

So, if your AC unit or furnace malfunctioned in the middle of the night, grab the phone and dial our number. Aquarius Home Services will dispatch a tech team to handle your emergency and deal with any issue you may need to face. We charge by the project, so call us at (612) 474-2450 and ask for a quotation today!

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