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New Air Conditioner Installation in Minneapolis, MN

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An air conditioning unit has a limited lifespan, beyond which using it would only increase energy bills without it cooling your house. If you’ve been using the same AC for over 15 years, it’s time to get a new one.

If you want to replace an old system or get a new system installed in your home in Minneapolis, MN, Aquarius Home Services can get the job done at an affordable rate. We provide professional installation, replacement, and repair services. We also offer emergency services and are available 24/7. Call us now for your next air conditioning installation. 

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Factors To Consider Before Buying a New Air Conditioning Unit

Do you want to install a new air conditioning unit but don’t know which brand and model to choose? Here’s a buying guide for you to help you make the right choice. Consider these five factors before you invest in a new central air conditioning unit. Call Aquarius Home Services for the installation of an HVAC system.


importance of the size of an AC unit, which is perhaps the biggest mistake they can make when buying a new air conditioning unit. If your AC is too small for the home, it would have to work overtime to cool the entire space. This would reflect on your energy bills, which would spike due to the overuse of the cooling unit. Likewise, buying a cooling system larger than necessary would be a waste of money, as a smaller and cheaper one would be more appropriate.

This is why paying attention to size is important from an economic standpoint. If you’re unsure which size air conditioner to buy, consult an expert. Make sure you measure the dimensions of the room first before going to the professional. Aquarius Home Services can help you choose the ideal central air conditioning unit for your home and provide the installation. Call us to schedule a visit.

Many people overlook the


While you may be inclined to buy an inexpensive model because of the short-term expenses, in the long run, you might realize that investing in a more expensive model is better. High-end air conditioning units consume limited energy, keeping your energy bills low. Whereas, a cheaper model would not likely provide adequate cooling, which would push the AC unit to work overtime and spike your energy bills. Consider this fact before you choose the cooling system model for your home. For professional air conditioner installation service in Minneapolis, MN, contact Aquarius Home Services.


AC repair and replacement can cost a lot of money. To avoid paying for frequent repairs, choose a model that provides durability. Of course, you’d have to make an effort to preserve that durability as well. Get your air conditioner serviced at least once a year. A decent model can easily last about 15-20 years, provided that you maintain it regularly.

During maintenance, the professionals will ensure that the system is functioning properly. If you get it serviced frequently, it could last over 20 years. For both air conditioning installation and maintenance service in Minneapolis, MN, call Aquarius Home Services.

Energy Consumption

An energy-efficient air conditioner will consume less energy and provide more cooling, keeping your energy bills low. You need to ensure that the new AC has an excellent energy efficiency rating. You can find out the EER rating of the air conditioner by checking its specifications. The rating ranges from 8 to 11.5, with 11.5 being the most efficient. Choose the air conditioner with maximum EER rating within your budget, but keep in mind the other considerations as well. If you want to know more about how energy consumption can impact your air conditioner’s performance, consult Aquarius Home Services.


When you’re buying a cooling system, you could be required to buy some add-ons to complete the air conditioning installation. These unexpected expenses can catch you off guard, especially if you were on a budget and you spent all of it on the central air conditioner itself.

So, while researching your air conditioner options, check if you need to buy any add-ons as well. If you require exceptional heating air conditioning installation service in Minneapolis, Aquarius Home Services will meet all your requirements for cooling system installation at affordable rates. Contact us to get a quote on your service. Schedule a home visit for an inspection now.

Why Choose Aquarius Home Services for Air Conditioner Installation, Minneapolis?

Aquarius Home Services provides a full range of HVAC services in Minneapolis, MN. From heating services, such as installation, replacement, and repair of furnaces and heating systems, to cooling services, like installation and repair of air conditioning systems, we are one of the few HVAC contractors in the region that provides all kinds of heating and cooling services. In addition to this, we also provide plumbing services in the region.

We understand just how expensive installing a new AC can be, which is why we provide our customers with excellent financing options. With our financing, you can have a new AC installed without worrying about paying the full amount upfront. If you’re looking to install a new central AC system, schedule a visit with us now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some signs that suggest that I need to install a new cooling unit?

There are some clear signs your AC is past its prime and needs to be replaced. Here are some clear cut indications that you need a new AC unit for your home:

  • Air conditioning system not cooling properly
  • AC emitting strange sounds or smell
  • High energy bills
  • Reduced energy efficiency
  • Air conditioning system turning off frequently
  • Air conditioning system showing signs of wear and tear
  • Not working properly even after frequent repairs

If your air conditioning system shows any of the signs mentioned above, call a technician to have your AC unit inspected. If repairs can fix the issue, they will let you know, but if not, then you might want to install a new one.

How much does a central air conditioning system replacement cost?

The cost of installing a new air conditioner in Minneapolis depends on the size of the house, the size of the air conditioning system, and others. However, on average, you can expect the installation job to cost about $4,550 – $12,380 for a 1500 – 3000 square foot house. To know the precise amount for the replacement service, you can call a technician.

How often should AC be serviced?

You should have your AC serviced at least once a year, but twice a year is better.

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