5 Methods To Clean Limescale and Other Hard Water Stains

Hard Water Stains on Glass

Limescale and hard water stains are a nuisance when it comes to cleaning. Whether in the shower or on the sink, these stains can be nasty eyesores. Therefore, we are going to look at  some DIY methods to clean these stains effectively. But before we do, where do they come from? In addition, what even … Read more

Annual KFAN Furnace Giveaway Winner

Amana Furnace Winner

KFAN personality Common Man happily presented this years Amana Furnace Giveaway Winner with a brand new, high-efficiency furnace. Pete and daughter Fern were thrilled to receive this prize during one chilly week in St. Paul, MN. Aquarius employee, Mick, installed the furnace lickety-split. Congratulations, Pete! We are so happy to provide the families of the … Read more